Ritual of garlic on a full moon to close cycles and cleanse the couple’s energy

Take some time, the night of the full moon, to stop and create a simple ritual that connects you with the forces of the moon, right at its most radiant and round, reflecting all the light of the sun that is directly opposite at that moment. to her in heaven. If you can do it outdoors, under the moonlight, even better!

The garlic ritual is practiced for 3 months in a row. It is important to put an intention on the garlic during the full moon and place it on your altar, if you have one, while you wait for the new moon to arrive.

  • When the day of the new moon has arrived, peel the garlic (the knife must not have touched meat before).
  • Then place it as if it were an egg during the night of the new moon.
  • The recommendation is to leave it until it comes out on its own, but if you feel it, you can remove it carefully and calmly; and once outside you bury it and thank: “Let garlic be transformed into love”.

Being a process of cleansing and letting go, the ideal is not to have sex while you have the garlic inside, nor to do it if you are pregnant or menstruating. This ritual increases fertility, so it is advisable to take care of yourself after performing it.

This ceremony aims to absorb and cleanse the energies that remain lodged in the uterus. In the case of women, we keep all that and more in our uterus; a place that was granted to us to fertilize, but also to save.

A sexual relationship is present within us for more than seven years, if we speak energetically. Not only are the energies, fears or obstacles of the other, but also of their previous partners; and this in the long run can weigh.

Garlic also cleanses their energy field and helps release old loves. Heals and cuts the legacy of our female ancestral lineage of pain and abuse of all those damaged wombs of our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, in addition to providing a physiological cleaning in our internal organs.

The heart uterus is the center of creativity and power, that is why it is so important that it be clean and healthy.
It is time to learn to let go and rediscover the wild and feminine woman, who is free and who lives fully, in peace with men and thus build healthy, pleasant and lasting relationships, letting go of old patterns of pain and suffering before the sacred. male.

Align yourself with the energy of the full moon and integrate it into your life, but of course, let your own creativity and ideas flow in each moment to celebrate and honor this moment of expansion in the lunar cycle.

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