Reveal two fearsome Nostradamus predictions for 2023

Two fearsome predictions by Nostradamus for 2023 recently came to light. Apparently, a great war and a problem with Mars will break out. The texts of this seer are complicated, but they present some clues.

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One of the best known and studied prophets

Michel de Nostradamus was born in 1503 in France. In life, he served as an apothecary and physician. However, he was also a person interested in divinatory methods. Some of his predictions are very famous.

A good part of his predictions are embodied in a book called “Astrological Centuries”, which is written in the format of quatrains. The language used by Nostradamus is cryptic, full of symbolism and erudition.

However, several of his predictions seem to have come true: the Napoleonic wars, the world wars, the death of important kings, the attack on the Twin Towers in New York and many other predictions.

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A disastrous war that will last seven months

For this 2022, there is talk of water scarcity and a deterioration of the environment. Also, about the death of a very important character (it is believed that Queen Elizabeth II). In turn, signs of the dispute between Ukraine and Russia.

However, Nostradamus’s visions are not always clear. For example, he asserts about a city that will be besieged (apparently, it is kyiv, the Ukrainian capital) and an outbreak in the Black Sea (Ukraine is in the Black Sea).

However, a prophecy that arouses concern is the one related to “Seven months of the great war, people killed by wickedness”. He adds some clues by saying that “Ruan, Evreux, will not fall before the King.”

These seven months are believed to correspond to a conflict next year, due to the conflict in Ukraine. Many think that it is the Third World War, of short duration, but devastating due to the type of weaponry.

Apparently, these battles will have to do with France. Cities like Rouen or Evreux will be saved, but it is implied that the Parisian capital will not have the same luck. It remains to wait to see if these warnings are fulfilled.

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The prophet speaks about the planet Mars

In another of his quatrains, the seer affirms that there will be a “failure of light on Mars.” The reference is misunderstood. Perhaps, it is due to a strange movement of this planet or due to a sudden lack of interest in knowing it.

It is known that there are plans to send crews and probes to the red planet. Perhaps one of these trips has an accident and that explains the “failure of light on Mars”, but it is something that seems written for the year 2023.

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Are you a believer in these prophecies? Or are you from the group of skeptics? Well, there are many people who assert that there is the possibility of envisioning the future.