Red thread on the wrist: we reveal all the secrets of the most powerful amulet

Have you ever wondered what the red thread on the wrist is for? Lots of people wear it all over the world. So that you no longer have any doubts, we reveal all the secrets of the most powerful amulet.

The first celebrities who were seen wearing the red thread on their wrists were Michael Jackson and Madonna.

The red thread, which is also used by other celebrities such as Paulina Rubio, Birtney Spear, Ashton Kusher, among many others, has been used for centuries by Kabbalists, since it is believed that when used, a direct connection is made with Rachel the Matriaca, who represents the protective aspect of the physical world.

The reality is that there are a lot of opinions about where the red thread came from. One of them is the belief of the followers of the cabal. The red thread is believed to be a very strong energy shield. This is worn on the left wrist because according to Kabbalists it is the receiving side of the body and soul, thus sealing the protective energy in and at the same time intercepting the negative influences that exist in our environment.

With it you can protect yourself and obtain success, wealth, happiness and health. So the Kabbalists say that the thread has to be made of natural wool and must be brought from a sacred place. Also only those people who wish you well have to tie this thread for you.

One of those who paid attention to the red thread was Madonna. In many interviews the celebrity says that exactly this amulet brought success to her life.

How to knot the thread correctly

If you decide to tie a thread, then there is no need to do it alone, because then it will not have any strength. Ask someone close to place it for you.

Each of the tied nodes represents the number of spiritual dimensions, which fill the life of a person.

It is necessary to tie the red thread with 7 knots. When making each of the nodes you must think about what you want to bring into your life.

It is quite important that the thread is wool and it is best to buy it, not order it from someone or take it from an old sweater. And do not exactly forget that the left hand will be protected by this amulet.

What does it mean when the red thread breaks?

If the protection was lost, broke or fell out of hand, that’s great! It is considered that if the red thread absorbs all the negative, it breaks or is lost.

What do multi-colored threads mean on the hand?

Well, these threads were called “nauzas” in the Slavs. Those made of silk, wool and linen were considered to be the strongest amulets.

And furthermore it was believed that if you combine several threads of different colors, the effect would be stronger. The thread of each color has its own meaning:

The red thread has in itself the energy, the passion, the strength, the positive attitude and the great power of protection.

  • The embroidered thread develops communication.
  • The scarlet color helps the owner in love, passion and romantic relationship.
  • The pink thread, if tied together with the scarlet, then you will get passionate, tender, calm and easy love.
  • The orange thread, thread of the sun, means nobility, popularity, healthy ambition, harmony and sociability.
  • The yellow thread is for creative people. It can help all people in creative professions achieve success.
  • The green thread gives a person purification, strength, frees him from negative thoughts, envy and malice.
  • The blue thread helps maintain your personality, and it will also protect you from anxieties and fears.
  • The violet thread is very powerful. It will help you achieve your goals. And it also develops the imagination.
  • The white thread is the symbol of purity, sincerity, courage, wisdom.
  • The black thread does not have a negative value. This thread brings you peace of mind, harmony and respect from others.

The red thread according to different traditions

There are a lot of opinions about where the red thread comes from and from there various beliefs and traditions arise that revolve around this amulet. Below we tell you about each of them.

belief of followers of the cabal

Kabbalists believe that this accessory is a very strong energy shield. They trust that the person’s left hand can pass through the negative of our body and aura. However, if a special ritual is done, we can receive protection from it. In addition to obtaining success, wealth, happiness and health.

Kabbalah followers say that the filament or strand must be made of natural wool and must come from a sacred place. And only people who wish something good for the person will be able to tie the thread.

Hindu traditions

In this belief the red thread is tied on the wrist of young girls. Which means that this person can be paid attention to as the future wife.

While the slaves and some peoples of the East this thread in the lower part of the hand means a protection against bad vibes. It also serves to attract well-being, happiness, and health to life.

In Judaism and the practice of the Kabalah

The Kabalah is a discipline related to the interpretation of the ancient books of the Torah. For this tradition, the reddish thread is a protection tool, it is used in the left hand since this part of the body is the one associated with “receiving”. In this way, the energy field can be protected from receiving negative energies, bad vibes that are generated by negative or envious circumstances and people who are part of the environment. In this conception, the red thread can be put on by the same person.

In Tibetan Buddhism

The reddish-colored strand works as a powerful protection mechanism for the body and spirit. Since it has the ability to seal the energy field from the negative vibrations of the environment, but this is not all, it actually goes further. The placement of this filament is part of a ritual called the Blessing of Water.

This thread must be made of natural wool and is imposed by a Monk, who through beautiful Sanskrit prayers performs a blessing ritual. On the other hand, water to establish the virtues of serenity and calm. While representing a process of purification of the mind, body and spirit. Through water, this ritual invites people to cleanse and purge the mind of negative thoughts. It also helps generate kindness, generosity, detachment, compassion and wisdom for ourselves and for others.

The ceremony concludes with the blessing through the position of the red thread in the left hand. It is a way of decreeing and ratifying that in that being. The body, mind and spirit are united in infinite harmony and protected against physical or spiritual threats from the environment.

It is important to note that Buddhism is not a religion, so it is not necessary to practice the Buddhist doctrine to access the blessing. Regardless of the religion that is professed, if you have the desire to want to receive the amulet for protection and happiness.

In India

In this practice the red son sometimes has shades of yellow, it also receives various names and is used in different ways. Single men and women carry it in their right hand while married women carry it in their left, and tradition dictates that you wear it until you drop it.

The Indian tradition believes that the tied thread invokes the blessing of the deity to whom the puja (offering) is destined, and that it wards off evil spirits and negative energy. In addition, they fervently hope that it becomes more effective if a Sanskrit mantra is recited when placing it.

And what do you think about the red thread? you use? Does it work for what you need?