Reasons why nipples sometimes itch

Both men and women, we all have nipples on our chest. In these there are about 20 milk ducts that would allow a baby to breastfeed, like any other mammal; only that in men, although they have also developed (since in the embryonic state they all gestate like this before differentiating) they do not have this function.

Nipples are very sensitive and can be easily sore. In fact, it is common that they can sting at times. But why do our nipples sometimes itch?

Dry Skin

Sometimes they can itch the nipples because the skin lacks moisture.


It may be that some fabric with which the nipples are in contact, or some medication, for example, can cause us an allergy and make us itchy.

Hot or cold

It can happen, especially in women due to the use of a bra, that a rash appears due to heat and friction. And also, that the cold and dry climate causes itching due to dryness.


Sometimes the nipples itch as a sign of a fungal infection, such as thrush.

Other causes can be: eczema, pregnancy, mastitis, breast growth (especially in adolescence), jaundice (the skin turns yellow), or some types of cancer that can cause itching. That is why it is also important, if your nipples are itchy, to record if it is accompanied by pain, swelling or redness; and go to the doctor to make sure everything is okay. These cases are not so common.

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