Quokka: 16 curiosities of the happiest animal in the world

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Have you ever heard of the quokka? He is so sociable, curious, and funny that he has earned the title of the happiest animal in the world. He can be easily distinguished by his smile gesture.

The quokka is a species of marsupial, related to kangaroos, that lives in the western islands of Australia, especially in Rottnest.

Do you want to know why they are so special? Find out in this article!

1. The quokkas have an island named after them.. When the explorer William Dampier first found them on Rottnest Island (near Western Australia) he baptized it “Rattennest”, which means nest of rats, because he believed that they were.

2. They are the size of a cat. Their body can measure up to 54 cm long, they have a tail and fur in shades of dark brown to gray.

3. They may not drink for long periods of time.

Four. They prefer to live in humid places, near natural tributaries, such as forests or jungles.

5. They hydrate, above all, from the leaves they eat.

6. Like kangaroos, mothers raise their young in the pouch for 11 months.

7. Quokkas can live up to 5 years in the wild.

8. They do not pose any threat to humans. In fact, they can be very friendly.

9. They have nocturnal habits.

10. They are animals vulnerable to extinctionThey are only found in Rottnest, where there are around 8,000 to 12,000 quokkas. The increase in tourism is having a negative impact on them.

11. They are vegetarians. They feed on grasses, some wild fruits, berries and leaves.

12. If they need to, they can climb trees.

13. They don’t chew food, they swallow it and regurgitate it.

14. They are social. They live in small groups led by males.

fifteen. Females have young twice a year.

16. They build tunnels between the grasses that they use to search for food and to escape from predators.

If you see a quokka, don’t feed it, as you could damage its digestive system. Thus, just by respecting their habitat and their nature you will already be helping to take care of them.


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