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If you have a PC or laptop that is beginning to lose its functionality and is no longer as fast and efficient as before, it may need a little maintenance, and that is that the support technical and the Periodic revision of electronic equipment is essential and important: today you will learn more about the computer preventive maintenance and why your team needs it.

It is understood as computer preventive maintenance to any process or related task that is performed on the equipment in order to avoid any possible failure in the system or damage to the physical integrity of the machine, through certain care and periodic reviews that ensure that it is in good condition.

This type of prevention tasks or processes can occur at the level of hardware either softwareall in order to improve performance and avoid any errors or failures over time.

What will you find here?

Factors that determine the useful life of your PC

There are certain factors that are directly related to the functionality of your pc and that could wear it down to the point of needing corrective maintenance, which is the process that is carried out once our laptop. Some of these factors are:

  • Hours you use your computer.
  • Number of apps you open and use at the same time.
  • Place where your PC is installed (Is there a lot of heat? Is there ventilation? Is there a leak? Is there dust?)
  • The number of maintenance done.
  • Possible blows or damage to physical integrity.

Elements of preventive maintenance of computers

In the Preventive Maintenance a series of things are taken into account to review or optimize so that the computer get back to your usual functional state. Some of the elements that are evaluated or carried out are:

File cleanup

The cleaning and deletion of unnecessary files will always be carried out in maintenance, and this includes deleting applications of little use, temporary files from the device, emptying the trash, deleting the cache of applications and the browser, etc.

antivirus check

The protection of your computer is one of the most important and relevant factors when it comes to maintenance, since there is malware that may be directly affecting the functionality of your machine. In preventive maintenance, the antivirus is updated and activated to verify the status of the operating system and the computer in general.

hard drive check

You can review the HDD directly or use a specialized program such as Scandisk to check the integrity status of the device and the files it saves.


Many times it is decided to disassemble the equipment and defragment it piece by piece in order to review and check the state in which they are, as well as to clean up and change some things.

Why should you do preventive computer maintenance on your PC?

We recognize that the benefits of performing preventive maintenance are extensive and many, but in summary, the advantages would be:

Reduce long-term expenses

Preventive maintenance anticipates or avoids possible future expenses if the computer were to suffer any major damage or failure, since through it the well-being of the users is ensured. equipment to keep it in good condition for a long time.

More useful life for your PC

If you are one of those who always needs to have your computer active, without a doubt the computer preventive maintenance It will take away your headaches and your pocketbook: you won’t have to worry about the life of your PC anymore, since it will always feel like new.

No data loss

Many of the most common errors that the PC goes through end with user information deleted, damaged, corrupted or lost, but with maintenance it has been ensured that this incidence is diminished or almost completely eradicated.

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