Playhouses for children

These gambling houses interior for children they are simply the ideal space to learn and practice imitating the environment. Many of them are ones you can make yourself (or copy the playhouse kit concept) to move around corners, or use on a nice day in the garden. One of the favorite games for children is to create a playhouse. We all remember how we managed, in those childhood times, to create these spaces in which it was possible to be anything we imagined. These children’s playhouses are ideal as they enhance creativity, imagination and social skills. These “construction” doors transform library shelves into homes.

indoor playhouses

It’s shaped like a house, but has an open concept so you can see how your children interact. You can create a mini-house for your dolls using a new or old upcycled bookshelf.

fabric hiding places

If your children have a raised bed, they may consider adding a long “fabric” around the bed frame to convertbe in his playhouse. This is super simple! It is a front door of the house, made from tension rods. Also pYou can transform a hallway into a fun play area. Another idea is to transform a tablecloth into a hideaway house.


They can put together some beautiful game houses, using recycled cardboard, joined with wide tape to reinforce all the edges, and make openings such as the entrance door, windows, etc. They can also play with shapes, such as making a mini geodesic dome, where they can also learn about geometric figures.

Other ideas of houses for children’s games

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