Plant a lemon plant in a cup to decorate your home

The lemon It is a very nutritious citrus fruit, which has important food and health applications, as well as many other domestic uses. Among them, there is the decoration.

The lemon plant can be a very simple and very cheap decorative element that does not take much time or effort. In fact, all you need is a cup of coffee and a few extra items to make a beautiful lemon plant grow and decorate your space.

Next, we tell you what you need.


– A medium or large cup

– lemon seeds

– Earth or substrate

– a clamp

– Water


1. Put the seeds in water. Leave them for an hour so that the outer skin of the seed loosens and is easy to remove.

2. Carefully remove the skin with the tweezers. This will favor the germination of the seeds.

3. Take the seeds and submerge them in a container with a low level of water. The germination process will take approximately 2 days.

4. Once they have germinated, place them in the coffee cup with moistened soil. In a short time, they will start to grow. If you want, you can add small stones of different colors as additional decoration. This does not intervene in its development.

Care is few. you just have to water them when it looks dry and keep it in a place where it receives sunlight. In no time you will have a beautiful lemon tree in your cup of coffee!

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