Phrases that a narcissist can say to you to make you stay close to his belly button

According to Greek mythology, Daffodil He was a young man who had a very striking beauty. But, as a punishment, the goddess of revenge made her fall in love with her own image in the reflection of a fountain. Narcissus, unable to separate himself from that image, ended up throwing himself into the water, and in his place grew a flower that bears his name.

Throughout life, we meet several people narcissists who are characterized by simply thinking that the world revolves only around their navel. This often comes so naturally to them that they don’t realize it.

Still, narcissism as self-love is necessary, but it can become pathological as the person overestimates his or her abilities and manifests an excessive need for external admiration.

It is very easy to get caught up in the charms of a narcissistic person. For this reason, in this note you will learn some of the most common phrases that a narcissistic person says to help you differentiate what is yours and what is the other’s; something that becomes blurred with these types of people.

It’s your fault

A narcissist will rarely accept mistakes as their own or acknowledge their faults. When something happens, he will immediately try to disassociate himself from responsibility and blame someone else.

You’re the only person who doesn’t understand me

A narcissist will have as a mechanism to turn things in his favor. That is why they can tend to victimize themselves.

This way, by making you feel bad and guilty, you will do what he wants.

I couldn’t imagine my life without you

As part of the same thing, a narcissist will try by all means available to you to stay around him, if only to say no. Since the narcissist needs other people to feed his ego.

Everyone warned me that you would be like this, but I didn’t listen to them

If you want to get away from a narcissist, something very typical is that he will make you think that not him, but you, are wrong. And not only that: they will also make you feel like you are a frog from another well! Because in his mind, everyone thinks like him, he is always right.

you are very sensitive

One way the narcissist can keep you around them is to make you doubt yourself, even. That is why they can even tell you, for example, that he was not wrong, but that you are very sensitive and do not understand it.

You won’t meet anyone like me

A narcissist always talks a lot about himself, his achievements and successes. They are seductive and that can make you stay around them even though you really want to leave.

What other typical narcissistic phrases do you know?

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