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Wonderful art that of the cinema, capable of moving its spectators and of leaving scenes, melodies and unforgettable phrases. Therefore, today to pay a small tribute to the History of the cinema We bring you a selection of some of the movie phrases highlights… Surely you will have a favorite, so you are welcome to share it too!

We start with one movie emblematic if any.. White House. With more than 60 years of history, White House has left many famous phrasesso well known that even those who did not see the film they remember her:Always we will have Paris”, “Play it again Sam”, Y louisI think this is the beginning of a great friendship“, “Kiss me, kiss me as if it were the last time”.

Other movie mythical and truly endearing is “gone With the Wind” (1939). Passionate dramas and the harshness of war, crowned by phrases What “I put God as my witness that I will never go hungry again” or its final line, when Scarlett faces adversity cheering “After all, tomorrow is another day

Zooming in closer in time, we can think of a few films historical with phrases that have really managed to convey to the viewers the feelings of their protagonists. In “Brave Heart”tells the story of William WallaceScottish peasant and revolutionary of the Middle Ages, saying “They can take away our lives, but they can never take away our freedom.”. In “Gladiator”meanwhile, the cruel fate of Roman soldiers and gladiators is summed up in the phrase “Death smiles at us all, let’s smile back”.

so many others movie lines have gone down in history that it is difficult to honor all of them in so few lines. But no review of cinema phrases may not include the always unforgettable romantic movies. Some of my favorites are I’m just a girl in front of of a boy asking him to love her from the great romantic comedy “Notting Hill” either Without you, today’s emotions would only be the dead wrappers of yesterday’s” by the delicious “Amélie”.


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