Photos of Couples: A Shot of Inspiration

Surely many times you have been presented with the opportunity to do photos of couples (am I wrong?) and if not, time to time ;-). Especially if the word spreads that you are a great photographer, it will be difficult for you to get rid of these types of requests.

So get ready, because you have to take every photographic opportunity that comes your way as if it were your last, and photographing couples will allow you to practice many aspects of photography. Since obviously the portrait with all that this implies (light, composition, poses, relationships…) to more technical aspects such as manual mode, priority modes, etc.

Now, before starting with the inspiration, take a look at this article, which contains extra information that will be very useful in your couples photo sessions. You already have it? Well now, let’s get to it.

1. love

It is the strongest bond that can unite two people. And your job is to find at least one image that defines it, that shows it and that manages to transmit it just by looking at it.

Pay attention to their way of relating, ask them to make gestures that are habitual to them, to hug each other, to look at each other, to hold hands…

Try to convey love

2. The location of the session is important

Do not focus only on the couple, look for a site that highlights the idea you want to show, where the background accompanies the message and your protagonists and does not bother but enhances the image.

The location of the session is very important

3. soft light

Soft or diffused light transmits beauty and romance, which is why it is very suitable for photos of couples. This type of light is the one provided by sunrises and sunsets and it is the one that will be more photogenic, easier to use and will give you better results with less effort.

It will also allow you to shoot with the sun facing you while preserving image details, play with the flares that slip through your lens, etc.

Take advantage of soft light

4. Capture the essence of your relationship

The companionship, the laughter, in short, the friendship that unites them, are also the essence of the relationship and managing to capture it will leave you with precious images like the following one.


5. The clothes

Look at this couple how it combines with each other and with the chosen background, it looks great, don’t you think? The truth is that the clothes they are going to wear are important, if it’s a “I’ll catch you here I’ll kill you” you won’t be able to do much, but if you have time to prepare the session, don’t forget to ask them to choose clothes that combine them, and of similar tones.

Not only is it a visual thing, it will also help you maintain a more even exposure between the two (a white shirt and a black one don’t reflect light equally 😉 ).

If you can make the clothes match, it will look much better

6. To bad weather, good face

Make no mistake, perhaps those who do not have a camera attached to their hand will not understand you, but “bad weather” is infinite luck, since it will allow you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the images, with more original environments (snow, fog, umbrellas , reflections in puddles, drops on the glass…).

In bad weather, good photos

7. The composition in the photos of couples

Composition is key in any type of photography. Learning to preview before shooting, to see the lines and incorporate them, to previously choose black and white or color, etc., is part of the photographic exercise.

take care of the composition

9. Details

Sometimes the little details speak for themselves. Do not miss the small gestures and details that make each couple unique.

Pay attention to the details

10. Set the scene

Although improvising is necessary, try that your couple photos are always based on a scene that you have clear and thought of from the beginning.

Prepare the scene in advance

In this sense, the poses are also important, here you have ideas of poses for women and here for poses for men.

11. A little humor in your photos of couples

Let’s not get so serious that love is also very funny ;-).

a touch of humor

11. Natural frames

Do not limit yourself to taking photos of couples without more, look for elements that enhance the interest of your scene and highlight your protagonists. A good option is to look for natural frames.

natural frames

12. Photos of couples with silhouettes

Silhouettes are an original and different way to focus some of your photos of couples.

Silhouettes are an original way to photograph couples

13. Gestures

Making the couple interact in a natural way usually gives us universal gestures that are easy to interpret by the one who observes the image, which causes a fluid and clear narration, in short, an image that transmits.

catch the gestures

Well, what do you think? Haven’t you had a crazy desire to go find a volunteer partner for your session? Did you hesitate to say yes to those friends who have been asking you for a session for more than 1 year? 😉 Well, the time has come to dust off the camera, remember that couples photography will allow you to practice many aspects of photography. So don’t hesitate any longer and get to work :-).

Oh, and if it has inspired you but you want to be generous and share it with someone else, please don’t due :-). Thank you and see you soon.