Pets on Tinder: the initiative of an animal shelter to promote adoptions

There is talk on social media of an animal shelter putting lonely pets on Tinder in search of promoting adoptions. Many dogs and cats need homes, and social networks are an option to achieve it.

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The Munich Animal Welfare Association

This is the institution that heads this project. To carry it out, they have hired an advertising agency to photograph the animals. All these images are immediately uploaded to the Tinder portal.

The most curious thing is that, through Tinder, an “appointment” with the animals is made. A way that people show interest. This strategy uses the network to find a mate for different purposes.

Unfortunately, in other locations, pets aren’t having so much luck. In California, dogs adopted during the pandemic are being returned to shelters. And it is that, after the confinement of the pandemic, people cannot have dogs or cats.

Lonely souls in humans, dogs and cats

This social network is used as something romantic. The idea is to get a mate, but now it is used to locate pets. Find that connection, that empathy between pet and owner that often seems complicated.

An application for this purpose had been created long ago. Its name is GetPed, being launched in 2019. Also, there are other Apps to find pets: PawsLikeMe and BarkBuddy. Something quite interesting.

The problem with Tinder is that the choice cannot be one-sided. Dogs and cats cannot accept the date option with their new masters. Therefore, someone is needed to accept the date and help the meeting between the two.

However, this social network if you have an advantage. It has great popularity. It is added that people consider it a very pleasant surprise to see a little animal in this network for couples. So, they are encouraged to adopt.

A world where pets take center stage

Dogs and cats have been said to suffer from depression after living with their owners during the pandemic. After sharing with humans during confinement, they have now returned to being alone in their homes.

Animal advocates insist that the links in these cases are different. It goes beyond a simple possession. Actually, pets are adopted; they are not bought. They are living beings with feelings, not objects.

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Do you want a pet? You already know that on Tinder you can find her. The only detail is that, for now, this “appointment” can only be made on German soil.