PETA sues Jackass team for animal abuse

For animal abuse and cruelty, PETA has accused the entire production team of the movie Jackass Forever. From the organization they have carried out a series of complaints about the use of animals during the filming of the recent film.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals; better known as PETA for its acronym in English, have shown some screenshots of the film. In them, you can see the presence of various species of animals that are part of the “acrobatics” of the Jackass Forever team.

Why is PETA suing the Jackass Forever team?

Almost 20 years have passed since Jackass first appeared on the MTV screen. Although they do not try very hard to capture the attention of the cameras, the truth is that they always end up generating a lot of controversy. Especially in his latest film titled Jackass Forever, denounced by PETA due to the use and mistreatment of animals during the film.

The organization in charge of protecting animals around the world has set its sights on the latest film from the Jackass team. PETA has filed a complaint against the latest film in the popular franchise for animal abuse. In the same way, have addressed the general public to urge them not to attend the premiere of Jackass Forever, recently released.

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From PETA they assure that a part of the filming was made in the surroundings of Luis Obispo County and Los Angeles. Infringing in this way in the violation of state laws that protect animals from any type of abuse or cruel act.

Through a statement from PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange, the protection organization says the following: “If Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville want to make a career out of unpleasant fantasies, they are within their rights, as long as they do not disturb , hurt, frighten, prod, stress or frighten the animals, who are being used as living props to carry out their idiocy.”

Lange also expressed “PETA reminds city and county prosecutors that no one is above the law and that while the rest of the world tries to save bees and recognize animals as sentient beings, these idiots exploit and abuse them just for fun.”

For her part, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk stated, “The stunts in ‘Jackass’ are violent and vulgar, but if the talent is willing to self-inflicted wounds, that’s a (valid) thing. However, something completely different is when animals are exploited, harassed and hurt: That is cruelty.

Do they really use animals in the new Jackass movie?

According to what some screenshots of the new Jackass movie show, the team does use several animals during the recordings. For PETA it is something really unpleasant and they consider it to be animal abuse, which is why they denounced the producers of Jackass Forever.

In this sense, PETA refers to seven scenes in which the Jackass Forever team can be seen using animals as part of their daredevil acts. These scenes are described as follows:

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  1. The actor known as Johnny Knoxville performs some maneuvers to provoke a large swarm of bees. The purpose of this action is for the bees to attack the also actor Steve-O who is completely naked. To be more specific, the bees stick their stingers into Steve-O’s private parts and Steve-O reacts by swatting and killing several bees as he tries to shake them off.
  2. In the next scene, the team use a big black scorpion and place it very close to the face of actress Rachel Wolfson. Later, the animal is teased into sticking her stinger into Wolfson’s mouth.
  3. There are also scenes where you can see a spider sinking its fangs directly into the chest of one of the actors. This after the spider was provoked to commit this action that for PETA is very unpleasant.
  4. In another of the scenes recorded for the film, the team annoys a turtle to bite the groin area of ​​one of the protagonists of the new film.
  5. Also, they use a snake to bite off actor Sean Mclnerney’s nose. The animal is placed on a barrel, while the actor approaches its face to encourage it to bite.
  6. Another scene shows two actors tied to a chair with a kind of helmet on their heads, which in turn is attached through a transparent tube. Inside said conduit, the Jackass team locks up a big tarantula who is subjected to the screams of the actors who have the helmet on. All with the aim of knowing which of the actors will be attacked by the trapped spider.
  7. Finally, the actors annoy a huge black bull so that it attacks Knoxville, achieving its mission. However, the actor would end up with several important injuries, including a brain hemorrhage.

Undoubtedly, it is quite clear evidence of the use of animals during the filming of the film. This has infuriated many, especially the PETA organization, which has already spoken out publicly against these cruel acts. Since this type of action threatens the safety and welfare of the animals involved.

Who are the people targeted by PETA?

In the tape you can clearly see how the actors perform various acts of provocation towards the animals used, so that they start their attacks. Among those targeted by PETA are Steve-O, Knoxville, Compston Wilson, Ehren McGhehey, Rachel Wolfson, Eric André, Sean Mclnerney and Chris Pontius. In addition, Jeff Tremaine the director of Jackass Forever and Spike Jonze have also been singled out by the animal protection organization.

But these are not the only ones, Tom Roach, Jules Sylvester, Christina and LeRoy Steese are responsible for providing different species of animals for the film. Therefore, an investigation is also requested about obtaining these animals and a punishment for mistreatment.

As a clarification, it should be mentioned that despite the public complaint, PETA is not pursuing any lawsuit against the Jackass team. The animal protection organization only wants the authorities to initiate the corresponding investigations for the violation of the rights of the animals used.

In addition, PETA demands that all those responsible for the grotesque acts be punished accordingly. That is to say, that no one goes unpunished before the aberrations committed only for entertainment reasons.

What has the Jackass team said about the complaint imposed?

Until now, the production team has not responded to the complaint made by PETA. However, the Knoxville actor has posted about it on his social media, insisting that prohibition culture will never be a part of Jackass.

What was published by the actor is the following: “We want to make ourselves the butt of the joke… it’s comedy, the spirit of our movies, you can’t dispute that. Everything rude happens between us… we are not mean to other people.”

However, none of the other actors or members of the production have made statements about what happened. Therefore, it is expected that the matter can be thoroughly investigated by the corresponding authorities.

Aside from the legal charges against the production of the film, another of PETA’s demands is a major boycott of the film at box offices around the world. Mainly for moral reasons and to prevent people from seeing how animals are used as a means of entertainment during filming.

Another of PETA’s great concerns is that some people try to replicate the scenes seen in the film. What would be more alarming, especially if it is about children who could use animals to do the same thing that the actors in the film do.

Keep in mind that animal abuse is an action that is punishable by law and the severity of the sentence will depend on the place where the violation is committed. Animals do not have to be subjected to cruel treatment for the sole purpose of entertaining the audience. They are living beings, therefore, they can feel in the same way that human beings do.

Source: Future 360, The Man’s Guide, Tomatazos.