Personalities of the Renaissance –

After the gloomy darkness cast by the Middle Agesarises the Renaissance, an artistic and cultural period that generated great changes throughout Europe and punctually manifested in Italy. His characters are the most renowned in history, covering not only the field of art but also science, geography and politics.

Par excellence, the icon that symbolized art in general (both painting, sculpture, muralism, scientific and technological studies, among others) was Leonardo da Vinciauthor of the Mona Lisa and The Last Supperas well as the legendary drawing of the vitruvian man. This man was characterized by his multifaceted life, since he also explored the fields of music, poetry and philosophy, making him a complete man, only comparable to another of the Renaissance masters: Miguel Angel.

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (Miguel Angel) was a sculptor, architect and painter and was especially noted for his magnificent and renowned vault of the Sistine Chapel. His artistic work was based on the clergy and the Medici family, another of his patrons. He was greatly admired by his contemporaries, earning him the nickname of The Divine.

Sandro Botticelli excelled at school florenceespecially with his two works that characterize him: the birth of venus Y spring, these being the most precious Florentine works of the Renaissance. Another Florentine author of great renown was Donatello and his works can be seen in the chapel of the Florence Duomo (Santa Maria dei Fiore), among other places.

Raphael Sanzioor simply Raphael captured his best works in the Vatican Palace, specifically within the Raphael’s Roomswhere, among others, the School of Athens one of his most precious works. Secondly, Titian he dazzled Venice with his mythological and religious-themed portraits, notably attracting the clergy and decorating the gloomy churches. Lastly, it is worth noting Düreran important German painter who was noted for his paintings, prints, and sketches.

Philippo Brunelleschi he stood out in architecture, his culminating work being the dome of Santa Maria dei Fiore in Florence. Leon Battista Alberti It was another multifaceted personality, of which architecture stood out mainly. He was a contemporary of Brunelleschi, and his works were dedicated to the papacy and various renowned bourgeois families.

As for literature, various personalities from Europe stood out. In Italy, he excelled Dante Alighieri with his masterpiece the Divine Comedy. Within the country, it was also highlighted Francesco Petrarca, who later influenced numerous writers. In Spain, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra delighted audiences with The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quijote of La Manchadeclared as one of the best works of universal literature.

In Sweden Y Germany stood out Tycho Brahe Y Johannes Kepler respectively, revolutionizing science with new theories on astronomy.

In the political framework, the kings of Spain Charles of Austria (Carlos I) and Philip II of Austriaalso known as Philip The Prudent, and the Pope Pius II, one of the most notable humanists of his time, who defended the arts and letters in a surprising way.

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