Personal Opinion About the Nikon D5200

It has rained a lot since I told you about this wonder and it is no longer there, but don’t worry because time has passed for the better. Today you have the Nikon D5600 that promises to accompany you on your most amazing adventures πŸ˜‰

Giving continuity to its obsolete models, Nikon launches the D5200, SLR camera designed for the amateur photographer looking for something beyond a simple entry-level SLR camera. In today’s article I would like to introduce you to this camera and share with you my opinion about its features.

Feature highlights and benefits of the Nikon D5200

As always, I would like to first comment on the most outstanding features of this camera. I won’t say anything about the general technical specifications because that’s something you can find on any photography web page or blog (see friend Google). Yes, I usually like to dwell on the highlights or highlights of the camera.

  • Improved autofocus system: If the Nikon D5100 had an already good autofocus system, the one in the D5200 is supposed to be even better. In short, this makes the camera achieve “autofocus” a little faster, fractions of a second that you save.
  • 39 autofocus points: This allows you to select a specific area of ​​the frame so that the camera focuses right there. Very useful when using autofocus.
  • 24 megapixels: Well, that, a beastly number, to the satisfaction of the most demanding in terms of number of megapixels.
  • Generous in connections: USB, HDMI and Wi-Fi port are just a few ways how you can connect the camera to your computer or TV etc.
  • All the good things about the D5100: things that I already talked about in this post.

To whom

Nikon markets the D5200 as a SLR camera for amateurs and amateurs looking for something somewhere between beginner and advanced, the typical user who finds the higher models too bulky, cumbersome and complex, while the lower models fall short.

Nikon D5200 Price

Having hit the market at a price of over €800, you can now get this SLR along with a built-in lens for less than €600 on Amazon..

Examples of photographs taken with the Nikon D5200

Something very important before deciding on a camera is to see real examples of photographs taken with the camera in question. Here are some photos taken with this great camera:

My opinion on the Nikon D5200

The 500 euros and a bit that the Nikon D5200 costs Compared with the advantages and characteristics that it provides, together with the ease of use that it supposes for the amateur photographer, they make it an ideal option for photography enthusiasts who are looking for something easy to use, with features that are similar to a semi-professional camera but maintaining a very affordable price. In terms of photographic material, I always recommend investing in cameras that are economically affordable as well as good, that will allow you to be able to invest after a short time in accessories that your new SLR camera will need.

I hope I have helped you somewhat. Please help me spread this article.