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Paola Benitez | Bioguide


Sustainable gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day

5 minutes
| 01/14/2021

Are you thinking about what special gift to give your partner this Valentine’s Day and you can’t think of anything? How about you make something really beautiful, friendly to the environment and even your pocket? That’s right, discover these wonderful sustainable gift ideas so you can surprise your friends or your partner this February 14th.


Tips to speed up metabolism in 40-year-old women

6 minutes
| 07/01/2021

Do you know why after a certain age we begin to gain weight uncontrollably, even if we don’t change our lifestyle? This is due to slow metabolism. Learn more about this topic and get advice on what to do, how to eat and prevent chronic diseases.


Tourism or Ecotourism: how can we better conserve the environment?

6 minutes
| 12/29/2020

One of the main tasks we have as humanity is to care for and preserve the planet, the resources it offers us, as well as its biodiversity. What better way than to do it while enjoying all that? Learn what you need to know about ecological tourism and encourage yourself to practice it.


What is the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development?

7 minutes
| 12/28/2020

Today, human activity should not only focus on the economy and society, but also on the environment. In this way, it will be possible to achieve sustainable development that benefits both the present and future populations. Find out what the 2030 Agenda is and what goals it proposes to improve the quality of life for everyone equally.


15 tips to make compost fast

7 minutes
| 09/11/2020

By composting, we use the garbage that comes out of our home, reducing pollution, the emission of greenhouse gases and making the ideal fertilizer for garden plants. Here we will tell you how to make compost easy and fast.

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