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Pain in the teeth or tooth and gums can be caused by causes that you do not imagine or that you do not associate with the functioning of your mouth. Through research, it is believed that dental problems may be related to emotions and desires. The study of the emotional origin of diseases and conditions in the body is known as biodecoding.

Below we detail some examples of teeth, molars and gum problems that you may be suffering from without knowing what causes them. Biodecoding can help you understand and heal them.

Problems in the teeth, molars and gums

  • The teeth on the upper right side are related to the desire to manifest what the person wants outwardly. If you have problems with one of these teeth, according to biodecoding, you may be experiencing difficulty finding your place in the world.
  • Problems in the teeth on the upper left side are related, according to biodecoding, to the person’s difficulty in realizing their desire to be.
  • The problems in the 8 teeth on the lower right side are related to the difficulty in concretizing our life, for example, achieving the job we want.
  • The 8 teeth on the lower left side have a relationship with the concretization of sensitivity and problems in these teeth may be related to a lack of affective recognition.
  • Teeth grinding is a biodecoding sign that the person represses tension during the day and releases it at night. If it happens to you that you grind your teeth frequently you should pay attention as you need to find other ways to release the tension before your body does.
  • Toothache indicates that you want others to listen to you, respect your place and that you need to be able to communicate what you want.

Do you suffer from any of these pains frequently? Have you ever thought about what could be the cause?

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