OMEGA RF-5000 Electromagnetic Generator | Bioguide

Electromagnetic generator prototype that gives unlimited, efficient and free energy.

The OMEGA RF-5000 Electromagnetic Generator is capable of operating without any kind of energy input, that is, self-powered and autonomous (FREE ENERGY, FREE ENERGY). This fantastic machine is capable of generating 100% absolutely clean energy given its electromagnetic nature, super efficient. and unlimited and absolutely FREE, where the only costs are the normal costs of building the machine itself and the periodic maintenance it needs like any other machine. It is estimated that said generator can work continuously for 50 years and of course, it can be maintained and repaired like any other machine and prolong its useful life indefinitely. It was created by the Spanish industrial engineer D. Antonio Romero, he developed and patented more than 17 years.

That we have this type of technology depends on these types of projects being shared in order to search for and understand that free energy is possible for !

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