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ICT in the classroom

Finally, we couldn’t stop talking about the new information and communication technologies in education. Indeed, we are referring to the ICT in education.

More and more classrooms incorporate the technologies to be able to access a greater amount of information, being able to increase both learning and knowledge. For this reason, we also have an official Master’s Degree in Education with notions in this sense, such as the one on Educational Innovation that we have commented on.

Some examples of the application of the ICT in education in the field of education are the following:

  • Social networks
  • Blog
  • Planning tools (calendars and task managers)
  • Cloud
  • Digital boards
  • interactive tables

There are multiple benefits provided to students by the use of ICT in the classroom: more motivation and interest. It also helps them learn about new resources and new learning methods.

Why continuing education training?

Continuing studies in education is absolutely essential. Without going any further, without extra academic training; It will be very difficult to find a job. And we are not only talking about Public Education… In the private sector, a very specific job profile is increasingly demanded. Hence, it is essential to continue specializing in different educational aspects.

In fact, in education you can specialize in all kinds of fields: type of student (with Special educational needsfor example), strategies, methodologies, ICT, subjects…

Not forgetting that a master teacher It is mandatory for those future teachers of secondary school, FP or Language School. Therefore, in their case, this postgraduate pedagogical training is absolutely necessary. And you, do you know why study a master’s degree in education?

And if you are interested in continuing to grow as a teacher, be sure to watch this master’s degree in early childhood educationwithout going further. An online master’s degree that can be applied to oppositions and employment exchanges in the Public Administration.