Numerology: discover the meaning of the number 7

The numerology, or the meaning of numbers, is related to many aspects of people, especially personality. In this discipline, each number represents various meanings that range from the astral, personal and even biblical planes.

In this case, we will focus on the numerology of the number 7: discover its meaning and everything it symbolizes within the science of numerology.

Numerology: meaning of numbers

Although some do not consider it an exact science, numerology can establish a number that serves to define a person. Keep in mind that each individual has a specific personality and numerology allows you to calculate it using certain digits. Depending on the result obtained, it is possible to know in detail what the most outstanding features of a person are.

Through the numbers you can discover personality characteristics that you did not even know about. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity for anyone to discover aspects of themselves that they did not even know existed. In addition, through numerology it is possible to know what aspects can be changed to improve and find true happiness.

What is the numerology number 7?

Each number has a different meaning that can be reflected depending on the area in which it is applied. In this sense, the numerology of number 7 has been linked since ancient times, to its symbolic role. Its meaning is linked to various cultures, traditions and religions from all over the world. For example, the week has seven days and it is said that 7 is the necessary degree to achieve perfection. The same happens with the branches of the celestial tree and the cosmic spheres.

The number 7 and its religious meaning

In places like Mesopotamia, seven is a symbol closely linked to religion, since it has a spiritual meaning. For example, during the making of the Sumerians, the number 7 was very important because it is considered sacred and special.

Likewise, in religions such as Buddhism, it is said that there were 7 steps that the Supreme Buddha took as soon as he was born. For its part, in Judaism the Menorah has seven arms on which rests the same number of candles. These will never be extinguished and in turn, represent the existence of God himself.

Similarly, Muslim beliefs are based on the existence of seven heavens and an equal number of hells. While Hinduism states that there are 7 rishis and also 7 teachers.

Now, within the Christian religion the number seven focuses on the fact that there are seven sacraments and also seven virtues. The numerology of this number cannot be missing in the biblical scriptures either, where its meaning is both positive and negative. In other words, it is a digit related to healing and forgiveness, but it also symbolizes the seven deadly sins.

As if that were not enough, the 7 represents the symbols of the Apocalypse, these are: the prophetic seals, the trumpets, the churches and the angels. Each of these represented by the number seven, which means that the numerology of that number is quite present in different religions.

The number 7 and the beliefs of the Mayans

In the case of the Mayans, it is believed that they used the number 7 to represent the Septenary. It is about the 7 seven main planets that together, made up a whole, which was known as Septenary. Many places around the world use this celestial model, also known as the seven spheres.

The use of such numerology has not only been worshiped by the Mayans, there are other ancient civilizations that did the same. This is the case of the seven musical tones and seven colors capable of differing from light. It is also said that the cells of the body take at least seven years to completely renew themselves.

astrology and the number seven

For many years, astrology and numerology have been closely linked, so much so that one cannot exist without the other. The tarot card that represents the number seven is “The Chariot” which symbolizes activity. Although not everyone perceives it, this card is capable of continuously transmitting energy.

Keep in mind that the numbers given to zodiac signs are determined by their ruling planets. For this reason, it is also known as personality or behavior numbers. It should be noted that the planets are very important in astrology, since they represent those universal aspects that all people have.

From the point of view of astrology, absolutely everything that lives between the Earth and the heavens is connected to the spiritual part. Numerology allows people to know themselves, both their strengths and their weaknesses. This is the most recommended way to get to know spirituality in depth, especially in number 7.

How is the personality of the number seven?

The numerology of seven can be seen reflected in the personality of a person, in this sense, it is a symbol of wisdom. In addition, the seven is frequently linked in the spiritual realm and above all in the conscience. According to experts, the 7 symbolizes intelligence, idealism and above all, thought. In short, a person ruled by this digit feels the need to absorb knowledge, especially through reading.

Another of the characteristics of the number 7 is that they are usually very protective, this is due to their astrological part, which is Neptune. Protecting their loved ones is one of the priorities of people marked with the numerology number 7. Besides, their kindness and generosity make this number one of the most adored.

They always want to help others, the best thing is that they do it without expecting any type of contribution or reward. This number is very confident in what I can do and to top it off, it stands out for its incredible bravery. They have a lot of character and above all, a great strength, they do everything in their power to fight for what they believe is right.

Despite their self-confidence, they do not do things just to do them, on the contrary. They take as much time as they think is necessary before making any kind of decision. Their numerology makes them capable of waiting for the right moment to act, which is almost always positive. In the same way, the number seven is curious and on many occasions he prefers to observe what is around him.

What is the negative part of the number 7?

There are many positive parts that can be found regarding the numerology of the number 7. However, there is a certain negative side that can sometimes cause a series of conflicts with other people and even with themselves. One of these is their difficulty in expressing themselves easily, which in turn makes them repress their feelings.

On the other hand, there are cases where laziness wins and in certain situations it is difficult for them to take the initiative. Also, some of the people ruled by the number seven can become lovers of monotony. However, when something interests them, they can work very hard to get it.

What is the compatibility of the number 7 in love?

One of the most characteristic features of people who are governed by this number is the protection towards their loved ones. In the same way, the number seven is quite affectionate and affectionate with the people closest to and loved by them. Many believe that 7 is a magical number and the truth is that they are right, it stands out for its great spirituality.

Of all the primary numbers in numerology, seven is considered one of the most mysterious. Sometimes these characteristics can be an advantage and at the same time, it turns against. The reason is that there are times when they are not so flexible, in addition, they are really stubborn, so relationships can be complicated.

Even so, within numerology there are three numbers that are very compatible with 7, these are three and eight.

Number Three:

Between 3 and 7 there is a really incredible level of compatibility, in fact, it is almost perfect. Their poles connect with each other, thus achieving an excellent love and friendship relationship.

Number eight:

Another of the numbers compatible with seven is eight, since they work very well as a team. Both complement each other perfectly, so they can achieve any goal they set for themselves.

Through numerology it is possible to know many things about the personality, not only seven, but also the rest of the primary numbers.

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