Numerology and home: what the digits of your address say about your house

If we link numerology and home, we will have an overview of how the energies flow within the house. It is that your home is your personal sanctuary, your refuge, and the power of numbers greatly influences it.

The digits of your address, like any important number in life, attract energy. Therefore, analyzing them can help you to know many things about your life, and about everything that surrounds you.

Also, knowing the energy that the numerology of your home attracts, you can make decisions about how to act to enhance or diminish them.

So, to find out which number rules your house, you need to reduce the digits of your address to a single digit.

For example, if you live at 1239 Dakota Street, you would first add: 1 + 2 + 3 + 9. The result is 15. Then you would add again: 1 + 5 . The number that rules your house is therefore 6.

Numerology and home: meaning of each number

Number 1

Homes ruled by the number 1 have a very positive energy. The number 1 attracts power and accomplishment.

Most likely, within the home there is a lot of independence, and that its inhabitants are people with great capacity for action.

Many people visit homes ruled by the number 1, it has great attraction.

number 2

The number 2 is linked to harmony, order and tranquility. The houses ruled by this number are usually very cozy. A positive energy flows within it that makes everyone who enters feel at ease.

They are not homes where there are usually fights or strong arguments and, in general, things work out. The great challenge for those who live in houses ruled by the number 2 is to overcome uncertainties and fears, and dare to grow.

Number 3

The number 3 has to do with communication, expression, and human relationships. For this reason, the houses ruled by this number are very open, they are the refuge for family and friends who need a little space.

They are homes where very good vibes circulate, but at times the fact that they are so open can change the energies of the home. Its inhabitants should do an energetic cleaning every so often, to continue enjoying their visits without worrying.

Number 4

The number four has to do with hardness, rigidity. The houses ruled by this number are usually very solid, although a bit waterproof.

A strong energy of loyalty and commitment will run in the home linked to the number 4, and surely those who live in it will achieve great things from their solid values.

Number 5

Number 5 is characterized by dynamism. It is likely that the houses ruled by this number spend long periods empty: it is not surprising that all kinds of trips and outings appear to their owners.

It is a very open home, which is always on the move. There will be changes to it quite often, and its owners should start to get used to the idea and learn to enjoy it.

Number 6

Number 6 is that of good hosts. The houses governed by this number will host large events, banquets and various parties. It will always be full of groups and friends.

Perhaps you have to be careful with the placement of clocks, as they can encourage the impatience and anxiety that this number brings with it. The best thing for those who live in a house ruled by 6 is to focus on their own relaxation.

number 7

7 is the magic number par excellence. It carries within itself the mystery and mysticism. It is not surprising, then, that strange things happen in the houses ruled by this number.

Brutal coincidences, great revelations, the best ideas. All this can happen in a home ruled by the number 7. Supernatural issues can also appear, so be vigilant and not be scared.

Number 8

Number eight is balance, strength, power, prosperity, victory, good money management. The houses ruled by this number are usually prosperous and calm.

It is common that they are houses that expand, and that their members improve rapidly since they live in it. Well, the energy that circulates is, basically, that of success. Of course: as always, you have to know how to handle it, so that it does not drag us towards arrogance and intolerance.

Number 9

The number 9, being the last, represents the balance between power and effort, between the earthly and the divine. In the houses governed by this number, an energy closely linked to art, expression and, above all, tolerance and generosity circulates.

They are a kind of shelter for the poor and homeless, the space of humanitarianism. Even so, they can be very lonely and depersonalized houses, since their inhabitants owe more to the outside than to the inside of their home.

What number rules your home?