Now you can sleep in a transparent bubble under the northern lights

The Northern Lights are one of Iceland’s most magical charms. To see them, they have designed a room in the form of a transparent bubble under the sky. It is a special way of sleeping that right now draws attention and comments on social networks.

To tell the truth, it is hard to imagine a more peculiar stay. It is a true crystalline bubble with a bed for two people. At bedtime, you look at the open sky in all its splendor. It’s worth it? Of course yes!

An initiative called The 5 Million Star Hotel

Which in Spanish translates as “The Hotel of 5 million stars”. Why this name? Well, it’s a clever play on words. On the one hand, it refers to the fact that it is a hotel with much more than five stars (hotels are classified between 1 and five stars).

Likewise, it refers to the enormous number of stellar points that shine in the Icelandic skies. To this luminosity, the effect of the northern lights is added. Quite a show for which a fantastic transparent roof is needed.

Crystalline Capsule Rooms

They are structures placed in natural sites. That is, they are not inside a building. Actually, it is a kind of spherical and translucent tents. Something fantastic actually!

Inside there are: a double bed, a heater and a cell phone charger. It is not a “hotel room” so there are no bathrooms. We have already said that it is treated more like a tent for people who want to go camping.

The company places a cabin with services near the bubbles: a kitchen, sanitary rooms and a communications center. In this case, the important thing is to sleep with the feeling of being outdoors and looking at the splendid skies with their auroras.

A country with very original proposals

The Northern Lights are one of the reasons why Iceland is an otherworldly place. draw attention various things of this nationsuch as what is the first country with equal wages by law: men and women with identical salaries.

This proposal is launched by a tourist company, having a lot of repercussion on the Internet. It is worth saying that the Icelanders depend a lot on tourism, so these types of ideas underpin their economy.

Do you want to sleep in one of these bubbles? It is a worthwhile experience. Seeing the skies and nature is a true gift. Therefore, we must keep our planet in good condition. Perhaps the best way to do it is by traveling and admiring it.