Norway was voted the best country in the world for its quality of life

Attention! Norway was voted the best country in the world. The reasons? It is assumed that their quality of life is the most successful among the member countries of the United Nations. Needless to say, this encompasses several factors.

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The results of this vote are revealing

It is striking that nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France or Japan are not at the top of this consideration. This is how the Norwegians stand out for the quality of life of its inhabitants, being an outstanding nation.

What other nations are in the high seats? In second place comes Ireland and third Switzerland. An Asian territory is in fourth place: Hong Kong, an administrative region of China with a high degree of independence.

The ten nations with the best quality of life are completed by: Iceland, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Holland and Denmark. This “top ten” includes: 8 European states, a region in Asia and a nation in Oceania. None from America or Africa!

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What is the Human Development Index?

It takes into account the life expectancy of people, where Norwegians lead with an average of 82.4 years. Added to this are other factors:

– Divorce rate, judging family stability (per 1,000 inhabitants).

– Community life.

– The Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

– Political stability.

– Access to social security.

– Geographical location and climate.

– The employment rate of the population.

– Gender equality.

– Access to education.

As you can see, this index is quite wide. Therefore, it allows to make a complete x-ray of a nation. This means that the Norwegians have the society where the list of standards mentioned above is most fulfilled.

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Norway: an outstanding country in many aspects

It is a very well structured company. The Norwegians have made progress even on sustainability issues. For example, its capital Oslo will be the first city in the world to ban cars and promote bicycles.

Another piece of information is that on Norwegian soil the first drug-free psychiatric hospital, betting only on natural solutions for patients. Likewise, all people can have a quality education in that country.

Needless to say, many major nations were left out of the starting positions in this vote. This means that if a nation has a strong economy (such as the USA, China or France) it does not mean that it has a higher quality of existence.

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What can be imitated from the Norwegians? Many things, it is a nation that we must make an example. We must learn and put into practice their ways of serving the population. Let’s do it!