Nikon D7000: The Irresistible, Beautiful and Seductive

Just as irresistible, beautiful and seductive is its sister, the Nikon D7200, but more up-to-date and much easier to find. Do not miss her under any circumstances, you will love her 🙂

Although the Photographer’s Blog It is normally aimed at a beginner and hobby type of user, I know that among my readers there are more than one (and one) who are taking this hobby very seriously, people who want to get AWESOME photos, people whose goal is to achieve difficult jobs to distinguish from those of a professional photographer. Nonconformists go 🙂

If this is not your case, if you are happy with your compact, bridge or basic reflex camera, if you are one of those people who always shoot in automatic mode and are happy then that is fine, you can stop reading at this point, this post is probably not precisely for you.

If, on the other hand, you identify with any of the following symptoms:
– You have been wanting for a long time buy a good reflex camera and you still can’t decide because all the ones you’ve seen are missing something.
– You have been with a basic SLR camera for some time and you feel that you need something more powerfulsomething that gives you more freedom, you feel like you want to stop running and start having “wings”.
– You are frustrated by the fact of spending an entire afternoon in a difficult photo session and then discover that the memory card has been damaged inopportunely and that you will have to repeat the session again (or travel, which can be worse).
– You would love it being able to literally take photos in the rain or in a dusty environment but you are afraid that the camera will be damaged.

.. if you have identified yourself with any of these symptoms then keep reading, today’s article will come in handy.

The beautiful and seductive Nikon D7000

I’m not going to delay any longer, by now you must have guessed (from the title at least) that the famous Nikon D7000 is the solution to all those inconveniences that I had been listing before. In this article I will explain to you why it is a great SLR camera, what features and functions it stands out for, why it is a powerful and seductive camera, how the Nikon D7000 can make your life easier, how this camera can save you from real disasters photographs and why I chose it as my personal choice.

To whom

The Nikon D7000 It is aimed at a variety of profiles:

    • Hobbyists looking for the absolute best in performance: I’ve always recommended the Nikon D3100 or D5100 as a first choice for those looking for value for money and ease of use, but the D7000’s capabilities outperform (by far) any other hobbyist SLR camera, be it Nikon or the competition doesn’t matter. Below you can check the most outstanding features, we really talk about a “beast” in terms of power and performance.
    • Photographers taking their first steps in the professional world (portraits, reports, weddings, communions, etc.): The Nikon D7000 is somewhere between an amateur camera and a professional camera. Due to the very high price of fully professional SLR cameras (such as Full-Frame cameras, which are around 3,000 euros), the D7000 is a very attractive option for those who want to embark on a professional career but invest in a more or less affordable body .
  • Other profiles journalists, for example, will also benefit from the benefits of the D7000 since its characteristics make it a practical camera to carry everywhere and with which we can cover a wide variety of photographic situations with great agility. I will explain this later.

The origin of the D7000

For you to situate yourself a little the D7000 is right now the most advanced of the Nikon brand SLR cameras made for the hobby user, although some consider it more than semi-professional.
Within the chain of evolution of the Nikon, the D7000 surpasses its little sisters the D3100 and the D5100. The D7000 was actually created as a substitute for the mythical D90 (one of the SLRs with the best satisfaction rate among users).
As if that were not enough, when Nikon released the D7000, it was not limited to making it a natural evolution of its predecessor D90, but on top of that and to everyone’s surprise, it included some other characteristic of fully professional SLRs such as the D300s).

Featured Features, Features, and Functions

Let’s take a look at what makes the D7000 special:

    • 2 memory card slots: We have all pulled our hair out at some point when we saw how our photo session was going to ruin because suddenly the memory card has stopped working. Avoiding this type of situation is easy with the D7000: it allows us to use 2 memory cards at the same time (it has 2 slots) allowing us to save the photos on one card and an automatic and immediate backup on the second card. In this way, if suddenly one of the 2 stops working, we still have the other.
    • Sealed against the elements of nature: Although I doubt that it can be submerged in water (because of the pressure) the truth is that the D7000 is a sealed camera and therefore resistant to rain, dust and humidity. You can literally take photos with it in the rain. You only have to worry if you catch a cold, don’t worry about the camera 😉 she takes care of herself.
    • ISO: The bad thing about ISO is that the higher the ISO, the more noise we get in the photos. This with the D7000 does not happen unless we reach excessively exorbitant ISO values. With my small D60 I remember that I couldn’t go over ISO 400 because that annoying noise was already beginning to appear in the photos. With the D7000 the noise threshold is further away. I have tried shooting photos at ISO 1000 and the amount of noise was still minimal and unnoticeable.
    • 6fps: The number of photos the D7000 is capable of shooting in burst mode is 6 photos per second. This can be useful depending on the type of photography you do but it is very useful in sports photography for example or in contexts where we need to capture many photos in a row quickly.
    • 39 focus points: With 39 focus points this machine can boast excellent autofocus capabilities. With 39 points autofocus is easier, faster and more accurate.
  • Timelapse/Intervalometer: For lovers of Timelapse, the camera has a built-in interval timer, which means that we can program it to automatically take a photo every x amount of time. Putting together these photos later we can obtain timelapse video gems like the one I include below. (I recommend watching full screen in HD if possible)
    • Quick and agile access to all the necessary functions: The camera is packed with physical buttons. This imposes at first, but then it becomes a delight: because thanks to it we can almost do without the menu and thus access and modify almost any of these frequent settings that we normally modify: white balance, measurement, ISO, quality, and a Endless settings, all accessible via a dedicated quick access button. It is one of the features that I like the most about the D7000, because over time this gives you agility and speed, you get hold of the buttons and with your eyes closed in an almost mechanical and unconscious act you change everything that suits you missing, without having to visit the menu. I’m lovin ‘it.
    • Possibility to customize 2 buttons: As if the previous point were not enough, in addition to this, the D7000 offers us 2 additional fully customizable buttons. That is, buttons that we can assign to the functions and settings that we want.
  • Customizable modes U1, U2: In addition to the typical manual and semi-manual modes M, A, S, P and automatic, the D7000 allows us to save our favorite (or most frequent) settings under a dedicated mode called U1 (User 1) and U2 (User 2). In this way we will always have them within reach simply by turning the mode dial.

These are some of the features that made me fall in love with this jewel of SLR photography. Obviously I have skipped everything about High Definition Video, connection to external microphone, Liveview with autofocus included, etc. considering them minor details. In any case, the camera comes equipped with hundreds of options through which we can customize it to our liking.


To probe a bit if there were more people happy with the D7000 or if my fascination with it was unfounded, yesterday I posted a question on Twitter and the truth is that the answers I received confirmed my suspicions:


Here are some links to reliable sites where I usually buy and that usually offer all the guarantees. The D7000 is totally justified in price considering the impressive amount of features it packs. I would not recommend it to someone who shoots 4 photos every 2 months, but if you are looking for continuity in your photography project in the medium and long term, I assure you that it will be one of the best investments you have ever made.

That said, I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I hope you will soon become the owner of a D7000.
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