Nikon D60: Advantages and Features

It is already very difficult to find a D60 for sale. It has evolved into a much more powerful camera called the Nikon D3200. Take a look here.

I think the topic of the first article is almost mandatory: today I will talk about my little Nikon D60. It constitutes my first touch with SLR photography. In other words, in my case the Nikon D60 has been my first love (chromatic, photographic…) in my life and up to now I am keeping a love and fidelity for it only comparable to those I keep for my wife.

I want to make the first articles of the blog easy to digest, so without further delay I will detail what, according to my point of view, are the advantages of the Nikon D60.

  • It has a sensor that automatically turns off the LCD screen when looking through the viewfinder, thus saving battery power and avoiding distractions.
  • Light and shadow optimization function called D-Lighting. It basically makes backlit photos a bit easier to capture. The subject is illuminated even if there is a lot of light from behind.
  • In-camera photo editing with various easy-to-apply photo effects.
  • The Nikon D60 comes with a dust reduction system that cleans the sensor from dust. This is very useful especially if you are changing targets every 2 times 3.
  • Small (within its category) and its weight is reasonable.

A couple of important facts. The Nikon D60 is heir to the previous Nikon D40, it is as if it were the evolution of its sister D40. In the same way, for some time we can already find in the market the camera that relieves the D60: it is the new Nikon D3000, very similar in characteristics, with some more advantages, and which I will talk about in future occasions.

It’s already hard to get a new D60 in stores. If you are looking for something of the style, look at its successor, the Nikon D3200.