Niche social networks: what they are and how to find yours

Social networks are part of our daily lives, both on a personal and professional level, but not all of them work the same and not all of them serve the same objectives. For example, Facebook and Instagram are not the same as Twitch or Flickr, which are niche social networks.

What are niche social networks?

Niche social networks are those that are based on some very specific interests and that are aimed at a very specific audience, whether on a professional or personal level. That is, they revolve around a topic, so all the users who are on that social media share an interest in it. On the other hand, horizontal or general social networks, which would include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, among others, do not focus on a specific topic and in them you can find profiles on very different topics and communities of all kinds.

How to find the social networks in your sector

To find the social network that best fits the sector to which the company belongs objectives must be clear. If it is to increase sales of a product or service, it would be best to opt for a horizontal or general social network, while if the idea is to upload content to simply make yourself known, niche ones may be a better option.

Another aspect that should be taken into account is If the audience you want to reach is found on that social network. It must also be look for the social network that best fits the tone of the brandsince what is used on a social network like LinkedIn is not the same as on one like TikTok.

Top niche social networks

Now that you know what niche social networks are, below we list the most popular ones:


The best-known niche social network, although people are not aware, is LinkedIn, since it focuses solely on the professional world. It is a great reservoir of CVs and companies. If you want to develop a Social Selling strategy you must keep this platform in mind and take care of your profile with the aim of selling, since it will be your letter of introduction.


Twitter It is a streaming video platform owned by Amazon used by most users to broadcast or watch video game games live. The gamers also comment on the action in real time and interact with viewers through a chat.

This social network has more than 100 million active users per month and 2.2 million monthly streamers, and although little by little there are other themes that have found their way into Twitch, video games are the origin and essence of this community.


goodreads It is a kind of virtual library in which users can keep track of the books read, leave ratings and opinions and discover new readings, since it allows you to select books from the catalog and create digital shelves. It also allows you to create groups to debate, share opinions and comment on the latest readings. It is, then, a social network designed exclusively for readers and lovers of literature.


Another niche social network is Behance, where creatives from anywhere in the world can show their projects and give their opinion on those of other professionals. It can also be used as a network or as a place to find graphic designers, web designers and other professionals in the artistic sector.

Behance is owned by Adobe and has more than 10 million active people, thus becoming a perfect social network to become known as a professional in the creative sector.


Fork It is a platform that connects restaurants with customers. It currently offers the possibility of reserving a table in more than 80,000 restaurants in different countries, it is even a way to obtain promotions and discounts. In addition to making it easier for customers, who can even pay through the website, restaurants manage to increase their visibility, become better known and increase their reservations.


Untappd It is another of the niche social networks par excellence, since it is a platform or application that allows you to share the taste for beer. This is one of the most curious social networks, since it allows you to keep track of the beers consumed and know those that friends have tried, as well as rate them, comment on them and share the place where they were consumed. It is undoubtedly one of the best social networks for beer lovers.

Club House

Club House It is a social network created in the United States by a group of former Google engineers and is halfway between radio and voice chat. Unlike other social networks, where text and images are shared, in ClubHouse voice notes are shared and users can join conversations in real time as a listener or participant.

Within the ClubHouse there are rooms, which can be private, social or public; and clubs, where users with similar interests gather together.

Access to ClubHouse is limited as it is an invitation-only social network.

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wattpad is a platform created for lovers of reading and writing. Here users can connect with their favorite writers and read their texts, but they can also share their writings in order to obtain feedback from readers.

On Wattpad you can find all kinds of literary genres, such as novels, stories, articles, poems, essays… And all this content can be accessed completely free of charge.


Flickr It is one of the most popular social networks among photographers, as it allows you to store and publish high-quality photographs and videos without taking up space on your computer or external memory. It is also a platform that allows you to order, search, buy, sell and share photographic or video material, which is why it is so popular.


And finally, Letterboxd It is another of the most popular niche social networks, especially among movie lovers. Its operation is similar to that of Goodreads, as it allows you to track the movies viewed, rate them and leave an opinion about them, as well as create lists as a video library and debate and comment with other users.

As you can see, there are niche social networks with very different themes, so now you can consider whether or not this type of social media fits into your marketing strategy.