Most used operating systems |

When buying a computer mobile phones o Tablet, we don’t have to worry about having to install the operating system so that it can work, generally it already comes within its internal memory. Managing this type of operating system installation and configuration procedures requires certain basic knowledge that can be acquired through Informatic coursesbut for more advanced topics, you can do the computer programming.

It is also possible to make software updates, so that you can keep your equipment with one of the most used operating systems and keep up with digital technological advances. Surely your programs and applications will run more easily as you keep pace with new advances in technology.

know the different most used operating systemswill give you the possibility to choose the one that best suits your needs and the conditions of your devices, in this sense, we will give you the most relevant information about each of them. Let’s see the PC operating systems:


Its name translates window, which shows that it is an element of access to different options. This operating system belongs to Microsoft and is available for PCs, embedded systems, serverssmartphones and devices mobiles. He is in charge of offering his users properties and dialog elements using the mouse.

It is composed of windows and icons that can be adjusted according to the tastes or preferences of the Username, with a scroll bar that gives quick access to what you want to configure. In addition to these tools, you can easily manage the program, file, clipboard, print and control panel managers.

Microsoft Windows It is the most used operating system today, due to the versatility and ease with which it can be manipulated. It is not necessary to know codes or give written instructions to carry out our orders, something that is very comfortable and practical for many of us.

Mac OS X

Unlike Windows, the operating system Mac OSX or MacOS, it can only be officially used on computers designed by Apple. Its acronym OS refers to Operating System, that is, operating system. It is macintosh the brand of exclusive equipment to use it, and one of the advantages in iMAC devices, is its hardware architecture, since the monitor includes the hard drive, speakers, microphone, camera, among other components.

Because it is better optimized, it is less demanding on hardware components and consumes fewer resources. This makes it the most expensive among the most used operating systems.


Between the most used operating systemsthis Linux. Its system is based on Unix and was created by Linus Torvalds. It uses multiple components and tools to offer a graphical environment, compilers, image editor, among others.

It is ideal for programmers, so it is widely used by servers and IT professionals. Due to its increasing compatibility, Linux has become one of the most used operating systems for its versatility of connection with the user.