Modular tents that connect to share with family and friends

Camping in the open air is an increasingly chosen option throughout the world as an alternative way to stay during trips in an economical way and in direct contact with nature. Choosing the tents or tents well is essential to enjoy the trip.

The design of the POD tents, developed by M2C Innovation, allows you to stay comfortably in nature, especially if you decide to embark on a journey with your group of friends or your large family.

These innovative tents have a capacity of 4 to 8 people and are built with a material that is highly resistant to weather and bad weather.

Furthermore, the most outstanding feature of these tents is their modular design, which creates small rooms that can comfortably accommodate travelers.

In turn, the modules can be modified through additional accessories, thus being able to adapt the tent to the needs of space and the use that each particular group needs.

Connective tunnels between modules can also be closed for privacy or open to allow mutual access.

The interior also includes a “sleeper cell” that separates sleeping space from socializing and storage areas.

These tents can function as sustainable homes that can be placed anywhere or as a comfortable tent; making the camping experience a fun and comfortable adventure.

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