Men’s Day 2022 – When is it and what is celebrated? –

It is well known throughout the world, Women’s Day but did you know that there is also a day dedicated to men or specifically to humanity. We will talk to you next about Men’s Day 2022, when is it and what is celebrated?

Men’s Day 2022 – When is it and what is celebrated?

The man’s day It is a day that is also known as World Humanity Day and is celebrated every November 19, but no one (or almost no one) knows. Although Women’s Day, which falls on March 8, is celebrated and promoted around the world, the day dedicated to the male sex is not treated in the same way or at least not as highly popular.

However the International Men’s Day is an international event created by the UN in 1999 although the truth is that it is not celebrated in a special way. In fact, in Spain it is barely mentioned. Initially only celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago, although now it covers more than 50 countries around the world. In Spain it is not, as we say, a holiday, but it is good to know that it exists and that in fact in those countries where it is commemorated it has a motto special every year. The motto of this 2022 It’s of “Better relationships between men and women.”

Precisely, the purpose of this holidaylike March 8, is promote gender equality and equal rights. Not only that, World Men’s Day also has as aim to highlight positive male role models and promote male health . The latter, according to recent research, has a much higher risk than that of women. In fact, international statistics show how the life expectancy of men is much lower than that of women. The former live on average up to 69 years, while the average lifespan for women is 74.

The day dedicated to men wants to show a new aspect of the masculine sex, indicating the examples to follow, those who contribute to the sustenance of the family, help in the house, are good parents and also loving husbands or companions. Nothing to do with the masculine role that was imposed in the past and that is still known (and suffered in some aspects) as “patriarchy” against which, in fact, is fought in the celebration of Women’s Day.

However, while men still appear to have an advantage at work, with higher hiring and higher wages, the situation for them is not so optimistic. 95% of work accidents are men, while 99% of work deaths are male. Before these numbers faced by the organizers of the event, many objected when affirming thate women, on the other hand, face homicides, violence, abuse of all kinds and deprivation.

For this reason, it is important to celebrate a Women’s Day that denounces everything that women still go through, but also a Men’s Day to verify how the masculine sex can also fight for equality.