Meet this “portable” and environmentally friendly hotel

There are more and more tourists who choose hotels that respect the environment, which has caused an increase in “sustainable tourism”; buildings built with less polluting products, sustainable over time and that cause a minimal impact in the environment in which they are inserted. Many hotel chains have opted for this responsible alternative, one of them is the modular constructionwhich provides an accurate response to these new needs.

IDERO Arquitectura, a company that successfully developed the innovative product SUMbox –a studio plug-in of great quality and design– launched SUMbox Hotelero, a new proposal for modular and transportable suitescreated to be a refuge in the middle of nature.

SUMbox Hotelero is a housing module specially designed of quick installation and that meets all the necessary conditions to guarantee a comfortable, quality space where the tourist will be sure of not belonging to a chain of environmental abuse.

IDERO Arquitectura counts among the advantages of SUMbox the fact that it is a product that implies a shorter construction modelin contrast to what hotel projects suppose, which transforms it into a most sustainable type of project.

All the “hotel” suites in the collection are very versatileproviding a very comfortable stay from which guests will enjoy new experiences while respecting the environment. The two models available are the SB18, which is the traditional 3x6m suite that has a bathroom and kitchenetteand the 3x4mts SB12 that can mate and transform the housing module into a set of up to 3 rooms, designed for couples or families with children.

This is an ideal proposal for those who want an extraordinary experience within a reserve with a panoramic view and in the middle of nature.

It is an alternative of responsible tourism and in view of the protection and respect for the environment. What do you think?

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