Meet the Rainbow Eucalyptus, one of the most beautiful trees in the world

Eucalyptus deglupta is the scientific name of a very particular species of the plant kingdom: the rainbow tree. He is considered like one of the most beautiful and attractive varieties of eucalyptus due to its tonalities, for its height and also for the effect that the trunk acquires when the rain comes into contact with it, generating an even more captivating effect for those who come to see it.

Do you want to know what their colors are due to? Keep reading!

Also known as the tree of a thousand colors It is evergreen, its flowers are cream-colored, and its bark is as beautiful as it is delicate: it is one of the thinnest of all the species. eucalyptus. It is only three millimeters thick, making it extremely sensitive to fire

The rainbow tree grows almost two meters for each season of the year and reaches a height of 74 meters. It can be found in warm places and tropical climates: in the Pacific area, in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Costa Rica. It does not support frost and low temperatures.

The reason for its colors

The branches of this variety adopt different shades that give it its popular name of rainbow eucalyptus. Walking through its forests is a real sight for the eyes! The different colors appear as the pThe arches of the outer bark are falling off at different times, revealing a bright green inner bark. This then darkens and matures to blue, purple, orange, and then maroon tones.

For all its qualities, but mainly for the beauty of its trunk and its great height, this tree is one of the most sought after by tourists who travel to the Philippines, Indonesia and Costa Rica. Without a doubt, it is a natural attraction for those who love nature and enjoy admiring it.

They are grown primarily to produce pulp for papermaking. In fact, in the Philippines, it is the main species used for this purpose. But it is also used as an ornamental tree for its aesthetic characteristics.

Nature offers us a great variety of plants, shrubs, flowers and trees. We must take care of it in order to continue enjoying trees as unique and original as the rainbow eucalyptus.

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