Meet the most beautiful and amazing butterfly in the world

Nature never ceases to amaze us with its beauty. From the most impressive landscapes to the most unusual creatures. Among these creatures, butterflies are one of the most admired thanks to their beautiful wings, with striking colors or unexpected shapes; especially considering that it is an insect.

However, there is still much to discover in nature that can surprise us. This is the case of a type of butterfly that has quite unusual wings that seem implausible, its name is greta otoalthough it is better known by other names: Crystal Butterfly, Mirrored Butterfly or Transparent Butterfly.

The surprising thing about Greta Oto

The Greta oto is a migratory butterfly and for many it is the most beautiful insect in the world. The reason for this criterion is that it has very particular wings that surprise all those who look at it. They are delicate wings, with brown frames with a certain orange hue, very similar to the wings of the monarch butterfly.

But the inside of his wings is transparent, with black outlines that make it stand out. You can literally see through his wings, the same way you see through a glass window. In addition, they have a white stripe.

Like everything in nature, the particular wings of this butterfly have an explanation. The white stripe that can be seen on the top of their wings warns would-be predators of their toxicity. Likewise, the transparency of their wings makes them almost invisible; so they can go unnoticed in the eyes of some predators. This means that their wings are an excellent defense for their survival.

What is this phenomenon due to?

The absence of color in the wings of this butterfly is due to the absence of chitin, which is the pigment that gives color to the wings of butterflies and other insects. Because they are colorless and so thin, the wings appear transparent. But, in addition, they have nanopillars that form a rough structure, which prevents the wings from being reflective, looking more like crystals.

More Facts about the Invisible Butterfly

The habitat of this butterfly is Central America and some areas of South America. However, due to their migratory nature, they can be found at certain times in some places in southern North America.

Likewise, this butterfly is not only surprising when it is already an adult, but also when it is a caterpillar. Due to their unusual characteristics, when they are in the pupal stage, before metamorphosis; the cocoons look like shiny drops, practically undetectable. Also, these butterflies have a very relevant capacity to move, having the possibility of traveling up to 12 kilometers a day.

In all its aspects, this insect is one of nature’s engineering works of art; quite a spectacle that human beings can appreciate.

What do you think of this wonderful species?