Meaning of moles in Korea

Human beings have been seeking to decipher our present and future for thousands of years, analyzing not only our environment, but also our own body. In this sense, one can inquire about the meaning of moles in koreasince this ancient culture has been studying the background that these skin marks have in our lives for centuries.

What are moles?

The first step in discovering the meaning of moles in Korea is to know beforehand what moles are and why they appear on our skin. Moles are marks that are caused by the accumulation of pigments.

These marks are very common and practically all human beings have them, appearing to a large extent between the ages of 20 and 40. Likewise, already in older adulthood, they tend to fade or reduce their size.

Melanomancy: the art of reading moles

Seeking to understand the meaning of moles in Korea leads us to discover an art in itself, melanomancy. This trade focuses on the reading of moles, as marks that have a relevant meaning for the future of our lives.. Its origin dates back to ancient China, neighbors of the Korean people, who assumes and develops it to this day.

What is the meaning of moles in Korea?

The reading or search for the meaning of moles dates back to ancient China, through melanomancy. For this neighboring culture of Korea, these skin marks denoted beauty and could predict the fortune and future of people.

The Korean culture assumes this practice until the present, being today a reference in this technique.. Next, he finds out what the meaning of moles is in Korea, based on where they are located on the body.

Meaning of moles in Korea, according to location on the body

It is important to keep in mind that the meaning of moles in Korea will be directly related to their location on the body.. A mole on the neck does not have the same meaning as one under the lip. In fact, the meaning of moles on the face according to the Koreans, we will develop in another section.

  • Neck: A mole located on the neck can mean that you are a very focused person, with a deep love for your work and your professional career. They are usually people recognized for what they do and are surrounded by affection.

  • Knee: Moles above the knee describe a very dreamy person. They tend to make their decisions mostly guided by their emotions than by reason.

  • Arm: here we are dealing with people who manage high levels of energy and intensity in everything they propose throughout their lives. Whether it’s work, hobbies or family, they will face everything with excessive proactivity.

  • Shoulders: moles in this area of ​​the body present us with a person with great ease for social relationships. They are innate friends, capable of building bridges and good bonds with the people around them.

  • Back: the bearers of these skin marks on the back are usually confrontational people, little given to dialogue. They also have a hard time persevering in tasks or meeting challenges.

  • Legs: in this case we have a particular fact, if the mole is on the left leg, we are dealing with someone who finds it difficult to make decisions. If not, the mark is on their right leg, they are usually somewhat impatient people.

  • Feet: those who have moles on their feet, surely bet on a more hedonistic style of view. Being great lovers of pleasures and good taste in general.

  • Butt: those who have a mole on their butt usually have a balanced character and a strong magnetism that attracts everyone who comes across it.

Meaning of moles on the face, according to the Koreans

Addressing the meaning of moles on the face according to the Koreans deserves a separate section from the previous one, since it is a technique that involves a lot of detail depending on the exact location of the mole on the face.

Let’s see below what is the meaning of moles in Korea, with focus on the face:

  • Forehead: when a person has a mole on this part of the face, they usually have a very firm character and a strong attachment to their father figures.

  • Eyes: moles around the eyes will have different meanings depending on the side of the face on which they are located. On the right side it will mark that you are a very sociable person, especially with the opposite sex. If the mole is on the left side we can be facing someone submissive and naive.

  • Nose: if you have a mole on the right side of your nose, you may be a person who lives very prudently. If the mark is to the left, you tend to live above your financial means.

  • Ears: when the mole is in the right ear, it is likely that you have a somewhat lunatic character. Being on the left side, you may be a person who loves loneliness and is full of secrets.

  • Lips: When the small mark is on the upper lip it describes a sweet and moderate person. If the mole is on the lower lip, we are dealing with someone who is gluttonous and lazy.

The meaning of moles on the face according to the Koreans is very diverse. We must always take into account not only the site of the face where we have the mark but also the side on which it is located.

Mastering the art of melanomancy requires paying close attention to small details, developing patience and a kind of clinical eye.

Meaning of Polka Dots in Korea: A Pop Trend

It is no secret to anyone that today Korean pop culture is on everyone’s lips, especially the younger generations. Bands like BTS revolutionize music and have made teenagers in the West increasingly interested in the trends of this Asian peninsula. Precisely this has led many boys to wonder what the meaning of moles is in Korea, in order to learn more about the personality of their favorite singers.

We can find dozens of blogs dedicated to deciphering the meaning of Korean moles, where fan clubs from around the world publish a sort of map of their singers’ moles. As we can see, Korean culture stomps far and wide beyond Asia, either through music or through its metaphysical art of reading moles.

Moles: pay attention to your marks on the skin

Although it is very interesting to know the meaning of moles in Korea, thanks to its metaphysical and ancestral background, we must not fail to pay attention to its scientific meaning.

Moles, as we mentioned at the beginning of this note, are an accumulation of pigmentation in our skin, and can become a very nice detail, a mark that denotes our personality. But on the other hand, We must be aware that these marks can vary in their shape and texture, which in some cases sets off alarms due to possible complications.

Some moles can develop some type of skin cancer, therefore it is essential that we pay close attention to their color, texture and shape. If we see that any of our moles change color, or a new mark appears whose shape is asymmetric, do not hesitate to consult a health professional.

Meaning of Korean Moles: A Neverending Story

Finding the meaning of moles in Korea is an interesting task that requires a lot of curiosity. If one thing is clear, it is that there are many mysteries that melanomancy has to tell us, showing that the marks on the skin are more than just a simple accumulation of pigment..

The moles are a kind of map, a road map for our passage through this plane.

Now every time we look in the mirror or simply recognize a new mole in our partner, we can put what we have learned into practice and try to learn more about the personality of the person who is the bearer of these unique color points.

Surely we will continue to delve into Korean culture, surprising ourselves with everything that its ancestral knowledge has to offer us, since thousands of years of history do not go unnoticed.

We hope that you have triggered your curiosity and continue investigating what the meaning of moles is in Korea, if you know any more information, please do not stop sharing it.