Marie Antoinette, the medieval lady (I) –

In history there have always been ladies who have marked an era from different points, some have had a political or religious influence or have marked their personality. Marie Antoinette She has been an influential lady in all aspects.

The princess of Austria, Marie Antoinette was the famous wife of Louis XVI, King of France. From a very young age she was raised to be a queen, educated by the best in all the necessary arts from theater to music in order to be a lady worthy of one of the most important thrones of Medieval Europe.

At the age of 15 she married the Dauphin of France, since her arrival in the kingdom she was not accepted by the rest of the French court, on May 16, 1770, a difficult life for Marie Antoinette would begin. resentments, anguish and excesses.

According to what they say, her marriage was not happy at all, consummated 3 years after the celebration, the rudeness of her husband, his lovers, the envy of the court and loneliness turned her into a woman dedicated to frivolities. Parties, overspending, game nights and a select group of participants were his trademark.

There are those who have done complete works on these aspects of the queen, her parties were famous for group sex, homosexuality and prohibited substances. After years of feeling discriminated against by the French court, the queen had her first child and she decided retire to a house in the suburbs from the city to leave aside the hectic life of the court.

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