Maribel Foundation: what the foundation created by Jennifer López and her sister does

Jennifer López is among the prominent stars who have established foundations to aid those in need. The Maribel Foundation is an organization created by the singer and her sister, Lynda López. But what is the mission of this foundation, and who benefits from it?

The Maribel Foundation, co-directed by Jennifer and her sister, provides assistance to low-income women, specifically aiding in the medical treatment of their children with severe illnesses.

What led Jennifer López to create the Maribel Foundation?

Jennifer López and her sister Lynda founded The Maribel Foundation, also known as The López Family Foundation, in 2010. JLo once mentioned in an interview the inspiration behind this non-profit initiative.

She was moved to establish the Maribel Foundation after a health scare with her daughter, Emme. Jennifer discovered a lump on Emme’s head as an infant and promptly sought medical attention. Fortunately, Emme, the daughter of Jennifer López and then-husband Marc Anthony, wasn’t diagnosed with any serious health concerns. Nevertheless, this experience deeply affected JLo. It led her to empathize with mothers lacking the resources for medical care for their children.

The sisters founded the organization a year after this incident. They named it in memory of one of Marc Anthony’s sisters, who tragically died of cancer at just eight years old. Since its inception, the Maribel Foundation has assisted numerous women and children, preventing them from facing similar hardships.

What does the Maribel Foundation do?

Jennifer López’s foundation collaborates with the Telemedicine program and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. With partnerships from major companies like Best Buy and Samsung, the Maribel Foundation establishes centers to assist the most vulnerable. After her daughter’s health scare, JLo was determined to help others.

She once described discovering an unusual lump on her daughter’s head, which felt soft and fluid-filled. This alarming discovery prompted her to immediately seek medical attention. Jennifer expressed in an interview her empathy for mothers without access to medical care, highlighting the importance of early disease detection and affordable treatments.

A notable initiative of the foundation is a telemedicine program at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. This program allows doctors worldwide to collaborate on patient diagnoses.

Jennifer Lopez’s Collaboration with Goldman Sachs

Beyond her foundation, Jennifer López, aged 52, is continuously showcasing her humanitarian spirit. She has now teamed up with Goldman Sachs to assist Latina entrepreneurs, particularly those running small businesses in need of support.

This collaboration was announced at “The Lit. Bar”, an independent bookstore in the Bronx. The event was attended by David Solomon, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, and Isabella Guzmán from the US Small Business Administration. Discussions centered on the growth challenges faced by these entrepreneurs, especially in light of the pandemic’s impact.

The partnership aims to recruit up to ten thousand Latina-led small businesses, offering them financial aid and growth opportunities. This initiative, spearheaded by Limitless Labs, is one of Jennifer López’s recent philanthropic ventures, introduced just before Hispanic Heritage Month.

Celebrities with Charitable Foundations

Jennifer López isn’t the only celebrity with a humanitarian drive. Many other celebrities have also established non-profit organizations with a clear goal: assisting those in dire need.


Shakira established the Pies Descalzos Foundation in 1997, aiming to enhance opportunities for children in Colombia. The foundation champions public education, constructs conducive learning environments, and promotes healthy nutrition and psychosocial support.

Angelina Jolie

A decade ago, renowned actress Angelina Jolie founded the Maddox Foundation, named after one of her children. Its mission includes preserving a protected area in Cambodia and alleviating poverty while safeguarding vital natural resources.


In 2006, Madonna co-founded the Raising Malawi Foundation with Michael Berg. The organization provides aid to children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic through medical and educational programs.

Lady Gaga

The Born This Way Foundation, headed by Lady Gaga, encourages young individuals to embrace their unique identities, combats bullying, and supports their professional aspirations.

Miley Cyrus

Despite her controversial image, Miley Cyrus demonstrates her benevolent side through the Happy Hippie Foundation. This organization aids children in vulnerable circumstances and supports teens facing discrimination due to their sexual orientation.

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