Mandala Houses: other forms of space

Mandala houses are distinguished by their circular shape. These are sustainable homes that aim to protect the environment and create a union between the owner and his home.

Lars Chose and his wife, Rachel, embarked on the construction of this type of housing with the aim of reducing the impact of man on nature. Thus, in 2000 he was born Mandala Homes, a company that puts people and the planet ahead of business, as they explain on their website. To do this, their houses seek to offer comfort, but in a new and sustainable way. To favor the link between the owner and the place where they live, the homes are adapted to the needs and desires of each person. That is why each project is unique.

The circular shape grants wonderful panoramic views. At the same time, it makes the most of natural light and acclimatizes the home efficiently, with minimal energy consumption. It also makes the construction stronger, as homes in this shape have been proven to be more resistant to extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes or heavy snowfall.

To acclimatize the house, the construction is based on the principles of the passive house, which takes advantage of climatic conditions to attract heat or cool the interior, depending on the need. Thus, the circular shape favors the generation of air currents between the different environments. It also allows the generation and conservation of heat from geothermal energy, which takes advantage of the internal heat of the earth. Thus, the home can be air-conditioned with minimal energy expenditure.

The shape is inspired by Mongolian yurts, campaign rooms built by nomads in the Middle Ages to protect themselves on the road. It is also influenced by the mandalas of Hindu culture and Buddhism. These are figures painted in various motifs in a central circle, equidistant from each end. These represent the idea of ​​harmony and perfection.

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