Male Photo Poses: 60 Examples of Male Photography

Today I bring you neither more nor less than 60 examples of poses for photos of men.

And it is that the Pictures They are one of the creative branches with more followers in photography.

If we combine the social being that we are with our photographic passion, it is very possible that the portrait will catch your attention.

Although women have been the clear protagonist for many years in all kinds of works of art, the figure of the men has made its way into photography.

It is increasingly common to see male poses, not only advertising certain brands, but also individual sessions.

The male portrait is booming, so if you don’t know where to go and you like this type of photography, it may be an idea to explore :).

Therefore, in this article I will show you 60 poses for men so you have the inspiration you need for your photos:

  • Standing
  • supported
  • Seated
  • Jumping

Standing male poses

It is up to you to determine what kind of image you want and what you want your models to convey.

The most common images convey strength, decision or success. are themes topical associated with the figure of man that today are still exploited with desire.

It is up to you to decide if you want to express other feelings such as indecision, sadness, tenderness, fear, etc.

Dare to explore everything that goes beyond the usual topic associated with the male sex.

You can do it through the pose, the look, the expression and the light.

The standing men poses They are the most common, but they allow you to be creative with the background, the light, the position of the body, the look, the clothes or the gesture.

Supported man poses

The poses where the man appears leaning on some surface are more relaxed poses.

They have the power not only to relax the model, but also to convey it in the image.

If your model is nervous, doubts how to position himself or you don’t know how to tell him, you can start with these types of images to break the ice, they are more comfortable and that is not only noticeable, but also transmitted to your images.

Sitting man poses

Another way to represent the male figure is to sit your model down.

As in the portraits in which we have a foothold, in this case, sitting your model offers you more relaxed images.

Best poses for photos of men from behind

Face portraits are not the only ones, although it seems strange 😉 .

You can also look for different portraits like these with the models from the back.

This type of portrait seeks to suggest rather than show, and can be an interesting option for male poses.

If you have a muscular back it can help you transmit strength, but it can also lead you to transmit dreams, nostalgia, etc.

Jumping man poses

If your model is young, energetic, athletic or all three, you can choose to make them jump and thus capture their vitality, their favorite sport, their joy, etc.

If you are interested in delving deeper into the photography of men, I suggest you take a look at this literary recommendation: Photographing the man by Jeff Rojas.

And so far this article with 60 poses to photograph the man. To see women’s poses you have this other article.

I hope it has inspired you, that it encourages you to take advantage of those men around you who will surely enjoy a good photo taken by you.

And you know, if you liked it, I would love for you to share it to help as many people as possible.

As always, thanks, see you in the next article.