Maldives is building an island to survive the unstoppable rise in sea level

Given the unstoppable rise in sea level, it happens that an island is being built in the Maldives to survive in this situation. In this way, this island country hopes to get ahead of the problem.

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A nation made up of atolls in the Indian Ocean

What are the Maldives? It is an island nation. Its geography is made up of 26 atolls, being a tourist destination as exotic as it is coveted. Its facilities with bungalows are famous: sort of cabins on the sea.

Some hotels have copied the Maldives-style bungalows. However, there is still no place that compares to the Maldives. In total, there are 1,200 small islands; of which only 203 are inhabited.

It is worth saying that they are low-lying islands. Therefore, there are fears of the consequences of rising ocean levels. Keep in mind that islands have already disappeared due to rising sea levels and you have to take precautions.

80% of the Maldives islands do not exceed one meter in height above the ocean

An unsettling situation ensues. Even more so when it is estimated that, at the end of the 21st century, the ocean will rise between 1 and 1.5 meters. That means that this country has less than a century of time before it almost disappeared.

For this reason, it has been proposed to build something called “Hulhumale”. This is the name of an artificial island, on which it is hoped to raise a town called “Ciudad Esperanza”. The intention is that the inhabitants take refuge in that place.

This city is planned to make the most of solar energy. Likewise, minimize the use of vehicles. It is expected to be the first artificial smart city in Asia. Also, make it a site of tourist interest.

All this is not new. Since the disastrous tsunami of 2004, the Maldives have been thinking about making atolls more resistant. A true engineering challenge, but one that certainly seems to be yielding some results.

How has this artificial island been built?

Millions of cubic meters of seabed material have been pumped. Since 2004, people have been moving to the new island of Hulhumale. Currently, it is estimated that the place has about 50,000 residents.

The island is expected to grow in a short time. The other inhabitants will move and will be in a safe island, which will not be affected by the increase in sea level. Good news in the face of the imminent problem.

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