Main tools of Microsoft Office –

This is one of the software most important that exist today, that is why it is important to know what are the main tools of Microsoft Officeamong which we find the following:

Microsoft Word

It’s a word processor used for writing. In it you can make textual documents, whether: books, letters, monographs, among others. In addition, it allows endless functions, among which we find: place images, add colors, modify the letter and its size, enumerate, among others. This app is available for operating systems Windows Y Mac.

Microsoft Excel

This tool is based on a spreadsheet that will allow you to create and edit tables of contentsdata, graphs, databases, among others. It is the most frequented application in administrative tasksaccounting and financial.

In this, as in Wordyou will be able to add colors, change the size of the letter, its type and it allows you to apply formulas and enlarge the cells.

Do you know PowerPoint?

This is another one of the main Microsoft Office tools. It is based on a program to make presentations through slideshow where creativity has no limits. You can apply texts, images, animations, audios and videos; in it you can use a series of tools that allow you to make your presentations the most eye-catching and attractive.

Databases with Access

That’s how it is! If you did not know what are the main tools of Microsoft OfficeThis is one of them! Access helps you create databases that are used to perform activities related to data managements. With it you can recover, store and analyze the data that is included in this important application.