Love value concept |

They may seem like two different things but the friendship actually it is also love. Friendship is part of that love known as fraternal, so that if you feel that you love your friend, you are not wrong, because a true friendship is love and of the purest. Of course, let’s not confuse brotherly love with love Romantic (love between couples), that is why we must be clear about the love value concept and thus not give rise to misunderstandings, but there is no doubt that the most beautiful romantic loves often originate in brotherly love.

The family also includes love value conceptcalled love subsidiary. This type of love is what parents feel for their children and in the same way children feel for their parents. The family is the first contact of human beings with the love value concept and it is in the home where all values ​​are instilled, from the love that concerns us in this article, to values ​​such as respect, loyalty, solidaritygratitude, responsibility, honestysociability and tolerance.

Just as it applies in the family, the love value concept It applies to all areas of our lives. Well, we can even feel love for our profession or work, love for our country, love for our pets and, most importantly, love for ourselves. Remember that it is impossible to love to another person if first we do not love the reflection we see in the mirror.