Love test: choose a magic potion and discover what your next relationship will be like

If you want to know what your next relationship will be like, you have come to the right place. This personality test has the answers you need about love, partner and about your own way of being.

To find out what your next relationship will be like, you have to search among these magic potions for the one that you feel has the most to do with you. Choose the one with which you feel a strong connection.

Your answer will guide you to the knowledge you want to find.

1. A lucky relationship

If you have chosen the first potion, it is because luck is on your side in matters of love. Your next relationship may or may not be the most important of your life, but it will certainly be one that you enjoy the most.

You are about to begin a stage in which things will fall into place and you will feel happy and lucky, as if everything is finally starting to flow in the right direction. Enjoy the moment!

2. Passionate relationship

If you have chosen the second bottle, then no doubt a super hot and passionate relationship awaits you. You are a person who needs to feel desired, and you will find someone who understands what is happening to you and who knows how to please you like never before.

Great and fiery encounters await you!

3. A stable relationship

If you have chosen the third potion, it is because it is likely that you are about to find a love that you can sustain over time.

It will be one of those relationships that flow without too many problems, and where everyone can be who they are without losing their individuality. A healthy and serene relationship. What more could you want?

4. A complicated relationship

If you chose the fourth bottle, it is because a relationship with complications awaits you, one of those that never closes completely and leaves a mark on you forever. It won’t be a bad relationship, and while it lasts it will make you happy.

But it will be hard for you to understand, and sometimes you won’t even know what game you’re playing. Live in the moment and go step by step.

5. Pure love

If you have chosen the fifth bottle, it is because you are undoubtedly about to find a true love, with whom you will enjoy shared life for a long time.

You are in a propitious stage to be able to embrace your feelings, and the Universe will reward you for it by crossing your path with a person who will mark a before and after.

6. Toxic relationship

If you have chosen the sixth potion… Be careful! Things are not always what they seem. It is likely that you are about to meet someone with whom you will fall deeply in love, but you should go slowly.

Because sometimes the most toxic relationships are the ones that start with the most love. So don’t let your guard down.

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