Look at these incredible houses underground

You don’t have to be a hobbit to live in an underground house. This conscious housing trend has as its postulate not to aggressively alter the physiognomy of the land, but rather to adapt to it. The environmental impact is minimized and the originality increases. Contrary to what many may think, living underground allows the temperature to be better regulated and, in this way, the heat is not suffered. The idea that prevails in this type of housing is energy efficiency. The insulating properties of earth reduce summer cooling and winter heating costs by 60 to 85% in both seasons. Houses built underground also tend to be thought of as dark and gloomy. But many of these structures are built on slopes, opening to the outside and allowing light to penetrate the house. In addition to the properties of temperature and lighting, many of the people who live in these houses feel safer and protected from natural disasters, such as tornadoes or strong storms. Some have even said they feel protected from theft. The latter means that insuring them is cheaper. Instead of using wood to build these houses, cement is generally used. Once finished, there is no need to paint them or carry out external decoration work. They practically do not require maintenance of the roof and, if it does require it, it will be minimal. These and many more benefits will also result in significant financial savings. Sources: Sopitas Hub Pages Sourceable Home Building Home Edit Vissbiz Imgkid Sanjarenja56 Design Rules

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