Log cabin in the woods built in just two days!

A home in front of a lake, surrounded by a forest, is the dream of many people and families who want to live or vacation in a different way. Such was the case of a family from Canada who decided to remodel their 70+ year old cabin on a remote lakefront in Ladysmith, Quebec. But, being so deteriorated, it was impossible. That is why the family decided to build a new one, in the same place.

The Kariouk Associates architects in charge of the project used cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels as the main material, to achieve a style similar to the previous house, but more modern.

The use of these panels implied a simpler and more practical way of building, since being located on a remote lake it was difficult to think about transportation, labor costs and long-term construction times. In this way, the panels were prefabricated and then transported there, which reduced costs and time: the exterior of the house was assembled in less than two days.

The entire surface of the hearth is made from five-ply CLT wood sections and is clad in dark pine.

The use of wood manages to create a warm atmosphere; and, the exhibition of the electrical lines of the home provided, for its part, an industrial style, which in combination, created a very particular design stamp.

Inside, the walls have been left unfinished, keeping the same dimensions as the old cabin, but with a more open layout; which was also possible through the use of wide openings through which sunlight enters and the warmth of the environment that surrounds the house.

The warmth of wood is present in every corner of the home, inviting its inhabitants to relax and enjoy nature.

In the bathroom, the panels have been painted white and tiles have been applied, achieving a sophisticated and welcoming style.

Undoubtedly, this is a house that integrates, and at the same time stands out, in the middle of nature, inviting its inhabitants to enjoy the forest.