Literary Recommendation: Natural Paradises (A Creative Vision)

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The recommendation that I bring you today is pure inspiration. It is a book that shows us the work of the members of Portfolio Natural. A project in which they share their Natural Paradises, where each of its members has chosen an element of nature and reveals their way of seeing and understanding it; its work methodology and also offers practical advice to carry it out. It is a book that will not leave you indifferent.

Ideal for…

Anyone who loves nature. For anyone who is attracted to photographing nature in all its forms. For those who hope to go one step further when capturing a landscape, its essence. Whoever is creatively blank or wants to start a project. For those who seek inspiration or have a good time delighting themselves with wonderful images full of beauty. For those who want to make a special gift to someone special.

It’s not for you…

If you’ve just landed in photography and still haven’t mastered the basics of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc.

It is not for you, if you are looking for a book that explains step by step how to take landscape photography. Nor if you are not interested in landscape or nature photography.

Natural paradises. A creative vision

As I told you at the beginning, it is a project that collects the work of the members of the collective. A different way of telling how to take landscape photography. Each author presents a natural element, how he works with it, what his methodology is, his advice so that you can photograph it and, in my opinion, the most important thing, what makes this project more special, is that they tell you about that part of the photography that is not seen, but felt. Each of the authors talks about his project, how it has come to him, why, how he sees or feels the natural element he is photographing.

In each author we find a small biography, a presentation of the project or theme, a section of «Ask the author» and an annotated photograph.

To learn more about the contents of this book, I better put the index of authors and their projects in this publication.


  1. Koldo Badillo: Visual rhythms in landscape photography
  2. Toni Real: Reflections in the mirror of the water
  3. Manuel Lemos: Nature, art and transcendence
  4. Jose Antonio Porras: Thunder and Lightning
  5. Juan Santos: Between poppies
  6. Roman Diaz: Photophytos. the scars of time
  7. Luis Llavori: The Valley of Colors
  8. Enrique Fernández: The brush of water
  9. Daniel Montero: The whims of the ocean
  10. Nuria Blanco: Visions of Africa
  11. David Santiago: The color in the cane of hemp
  12. Javier Alonso Torre: Lost in the Mist
  13. Adolfo Díez: Fragmenting the landscape to photograph the invisible
  14. Roberto Iván Cano: The Arctic
  15. Juan Tapia: An imaginary forest
  16. Pere Soler: A bird’s eye view
  17. Uge Fuertes: Blurring the look
  18. Esteve Garriga: Long exposures on the coast
  19. Juanjo Sierra: Nights of Light
  20. Mario Suárez: An artistic vision in bird photography
  21. Pedro Javier Pascual: Drawing Butterflies
  22. David Frutos Egea: Beings of the swamp
  23. Rubén Domínguez Ocón: Atmospheres
  24. Fran Rubia: Trapped Souls

About the Author

Nature Portfolio is a project that arises from this group of consecrated and prestigious nature photographers (which I have just listed) in order to offer quality photographic work through the sale of original copies in numbered and limited series.

Many of the authors have numerous book and print publications, as well as giving workshops around the world.

The new applicants to be part of Portfolio Natural, go through a rigorous selection process that involves a vote of all the members of the group.


  • Paperback: 254 pages
  • Publisher: Anaya Multimedia Editions
  • Collection: Photoclub
  • Price: €9.45
  • Spanish Language
  • Dimensions: 25x20cm approx

The best

I think it is a very personal book in which the authors open up and tell you about their experience, their concerns, their emotions… When you read it, you can have the feeling of chatting with a friend while having a coffee about what you are most passionate about and you have in common, nature photography.

The edition is very careful, a harmonious and clean layout with a selection of photographs that makes you enjoy the book from beginning to end.

Finally, the desire that comes to you to go out and photograph. This book reminds you that beauty is everywhere, that you have to know how to look for it, because even in the bark of a tree you can find a magnificent photograph.


I have nothing bad to say about this book, except that because of many of these authors my list of “Places to visit before you die” has grown quite a bit 😉 . As well as the desire to embark on a project for which I don’t have time (here the emoticon of cold sweat and suffering would go). Although I think none of this is bad, right? Well, that, nothing to object to.


It is a book to enjoy, learn, reread, rewatch and give away. A book to inspire you and reconcile you with nature photography, if you had left it for impossible. A book to help you take a step further, to search within yourself and discover what your gaze is, because as one of the authors reminds us with this quote from Momeñe:

Photography should show how we see the world, not how it is. Eduardo Momene

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Thanks and see you soon.

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