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The diseases that the body screams They can affect the body in a mild, severe or even chronic way. Regardless of the discomfort that is disrupting the normal functioning of the body, it is believed that it is important to investigate what this condition means because it could be linked to some repressed emotion. This inward-searching process is called biodecoding.

The truth is that multiple studies affirm that about 50% of the diseases reflected in the body have an emotional origin. In fact, other research ensures that the value may be above 80% because stress alone is currently responsible for around fifty emotional pathologies.

Do not stop reading and discover if your discomfort has an even deeper origin than you imagined.

disease biodecoding dictionary

The relationship of the body and mind almost directly reflects whether the person has a healthy life or not. According to Dr. María Amelia Bueno, an Ayurvedic physician, from the Medicine, Mind and Body Service of the Imbanaco Medical Center: “The body manifests itself through illnesses. Every pain is a call from the body because something is wrong.”

To better understand where each pathology comes from from an emotional point of view, in we have prepared a summary that comments on what emotion is hidden behind each disease. Are you ready? Take note!

decoding diseases: emotions and affected organs

juvenile acne

This condition can represent fear of sexuality and self-acceptance.


People who suffer from addictions are generally believed to have an existential emptiness or lack of love. This mental conflict leads to loneliness and disconnection with the environment.

skin conditions

They reflect fear, anguish, nerves and above all the fact of feeling threatened. Skin rashes come from contact and relationship problems.

lung conditions

Not being able to breathe well reflects deep grief or depression, or a sense of not being worthy of living fully.


According to biodecoding, this disease is generated by a refusal to face life, hopelessness and helplessness.


It is related to a lack of joy in life and self-worth.

anorexia nervosa

For biodecoding there are several causes that generate this disease. In some cases it represents the repudiation of traditional sexuality and femininity, as well as fear of proximity, heat and sex.

It can also hide a covert egocentrism since through the illness, the person receives attention.

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They are people who always look on the negative side and usually do not feel loved. They are also very critical of the environment.


It can be synonymous with resentment or injustice. But, instead of solving it, they accumulate the hatred of blaming others.


It is believed that an emotional environment filled with fighting or yelling can cause a person to develop bronchitis at some stage in their life.


Although cancer is a disease that originates from multiple causes, the truth is that emotions play a very strong role. It is thought that this disease usually appears in people who maintain some old resentment or emotional problems that drag from the past and have not been resolved.

Chronic daytime tiredness

It can symbolize that this person allows himself to be controlled by his fears. Resistance, boredom, and a lack of love and motivation to do things can also lead to chronic fatigue.

Heart disease or heart disease

They usually appear in people who are closed to love and intimacy for some reason.


This eye disease may be closely connected to the unhappiness that people see.


It often symbolizes the fear of the future and material shortages. It can also be caused by resentment or rejection towards something or a person.


According to biodecoding, high cholesterol reflects a person’s lack of acceptance of their real tastes.

irritable bowel

It is the fear of relaxing and living with insecurities continuously.


Frustration and anger towards what is seen in life.

Depression and anxiety

Feeling of hopelessness, accompanied by contained aggressiveness, especially towards oneself.

Throat pain

It can represent an accumulated anger or fury that prevents speech.

pain in general

Guilt is the main emotion that can cause pain throughout the body.

blood diseases

These pathologies encompass family conflicts that remained unresolved.


People with epilepsy live with the feeling of being persecuted. In turn, they have a rejection of life and a sense of violence against themselves.

Multiple sclerosis

Mental rigidity, hardness of heart, inflexibility.


Mental tension that cannot be endured any longer or doing things that we do not like to do. Circumstances that create tension for us, go in the wrong direction.


It responds to a fear of letting go, stinginess and pettiness.

Kidney failure or kidney pain

It is caused by suffering inconveniences of coexistence with close beings.

fibroids and cysts

Resentment against the affective partner, feeling of being unfairly hurt.

flu, catarrh, cold

It is usually triggered by a situation that angers and causes mental conflict. This even weakens the immune system.


Anger about the past and fear of letting go of events that have already happened.

Genital herpes

Guilt and sexual remorse.

Hyperglycemia (diabetes)

Those who suffer from it may have loving desires that they are not able to accept. This means that the person does not recognize that he has feelings to open up to love.


It is suffered by people who avoid conflicts and do not face a problem.


Anger, irritation, rage.


Fear, guilt, negative thoughts and mistrust in the rhythm of life.


They symbolize the conflicts of a person that could not be eradicated and that is why they become stains.


Migraines are caused by multiple factors. Some of them are nervous tension or stress, food intolerances and allergies, sexual dissatisfaction, resistance to the flow of life, excessive self-criticism, self-invalidation, or fear.

Many times, eye pain is accompanied by severe headaches.

foot problems

The foot is somehow related to mothers: those who suffer from foot problems may have resentment towards their mother or towards motherhood in general.

Stomach problems

According to biodecoding it is the fear of the uncertain future.

back problems

Feeling of lack of support in life. These people often carry more pressure than they can handle.

bladder problems

Psychological stress manifests itself physically as the need to empty the bladder.

thyroid problems

These people feel that they can never do what they want and may have continuous feelings of humiliation.


It is the fear of being hurt that manifests itself directly with a shield on the skin.

Pneumonia – pneumonia

Unhealed emotional wounds.

Grinding teeth while sleeping

According to biodecodingthe bruxism it is an expression of unconscious aggressiveness.


It appears in people who feel like victims.


Dissociation between love and sexuality. Love not lived, unconsciously, destroys the defenses.


Being overweight represents feelings of fear and vulnerability.


They are deniers. They do not want to see, because what they see does not please them.

These are some of the diseases that biodecoding try to solve. However, a disease of the soul should not only remain in this reading. It is important to go to medical consultations with specialists and also psychologists to receive help and thus be able to solve the condition.

In this sense, the biodecoding it is a complement to traditional medicine and never as a replacement.

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