Learn which celebrities are considered indigo children and why

In the last decades and, especially in the last time, it has been heard about indigo children. But, despite this, it is not usually very clear what their characteristics are, what their mission is and how to recognize them.

The word indigo is currently used to talk about a state of evolution of the human being, so it is said that indigo children are beings with special powers, with an extremely advanced mind, who have come to this world to leave some teaching to humanity and to make it a little more just and equitable.

It is believed that these special people they have begun to reach the world in the 80s mostly. They were not considered as ppeople with a special gift, but they were problematic beings for that time, with problems of social insertion, who did not support the manipulation nor the established norms.

They were people who asked to be treated in the same way as the rest of the adults despite their young age, so at this time these acts were taken as rebellious. Little by little, with their actions they were changing education, so it is said that its objective is to achieve changes in these structures, in family roles and in social values ‚Äč‚Äčthat for many years were considered immovable.

Crystal, diamond and rainbow children: differences

Although they all tend to have similar characteristics, and in some cases they are thought to be the same categories, there are some differences between them. Here are some brief features to differentiate them.

Crystal. Born around the year 2000, their main characteristic is the love and compassion they have for other people. They are very peaceful beings who always seek balance for everyone.

Rainbow. This generation is considered a mix between the indigo and crystal children. His mission in the world is to generate joy among his loved ones and the environment in which they operate, leading to peace. Unlike Indigos, they are in control of their emotions.

Diamond. The last generation to reach the world. These children are said to have sweet smiles and deep gazes, as well as great maturity for their young biological age. They tend to be hypersensitive and waste joy in their path.

Have you ever come across children with some of these characteristics? Did their environment understand them or were they treated as conflictive beings? It is important to be able to give them the necessary support so that they can develop all their abilities and feel understood by their loved ones and not judged.

You already know who is considered famous indigo children and why. Did you know its characteristics? And what about the crystal, diamond and rainbow children?

Source: The Network, Andean