Know the 7 Universal Laws and start putting them into practice

The 7 Laws or Universal Principles they are those according to which the universe works, and that being part of it, also apply to human beings. That is why it is important to know them and recognize them in ourselves, since can be an internal spiritual guide that helps us maintain our center and be aware that we are aligned to a higher or universal power.

These 7 laws or principles were developed by Hermes Trismegistus in ancient Egypt, and a long time later they were written down by three of his initiates in a book, called The Kibalion. Influencing all ancient and current doctrines and religions, as well as the basis of astrology and the mystical arts.

“Just as there are physical laws, there are also laws that affect us mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

The 7 Metaphysical Principles

1- Principle of Mentalism

states that everything has its origin in the invisible and mental world. Everything we see around us was initially a thought until it became a visible result. If we can think, we can createand therefore we can live in that reality that we are creating, as well as destroy it and create a new reality.

This principle helps us understand that we see life and the world according to how we think about it, according to our fears and belief systems, which are often limiting. So, to live the reality we want we must direct our thoughts and gradually eliminate those beliefs and fears. The challenge of this principle is to choose our thoughts to manifest the reality we desire.

2- Principle of correspondence

Also know as “Law of Attraction”: As above, so below. As it is inside, so it is outside. What you feel and believe internally, manifests externally. The outside is a teacher that serves as a reflection to know what happens inside us. Everything we see in other people, situations and places is in us.

In accordance with the previous principle, we do not see the world as it is, but as we think and feel it, and that “reality” is a reflection of ourselves, of our inner world.

The challenge with this principle is hold ourselves accountable, the outside is not the responsibility of the other and we must take charge of what we want to see and manifest it. For example, if we want a happier life, begin to manifest it from within, from our desires, begin to have more positive thoughts, begin to to integrate what I want to see manifested in reality. As it is inside, so it is outside.

3- Principle of Vibration

The universe is energy and is in constant motion. Nothing is immobile everything moves, vibrates and circulates, although at different vibratory levels. Some emotions, such as anger, fear and sadness, have a lower vibration, and are felt in the body as a heavier energy. Instead, emotions such as love, joy, and gratitude subtly vibrate and feel much lighter and more pleasant.

The challenge to integrate this principle in our lives is Raise our vibration. The stronger we vibrate at the frequency we want to attract, the faster the magnetic effect will be. Necessary take an internal attitude that what we want and want is available to us; align and raise the frequency.

4- Principle of Polarity

Everything is dual, every manifestation has two poles, apparently opposite each other, but in reality they are the same, that is, the same energy in different graduations. “This principle is important, because it shows us that we can change the polarity of a degree of emotion, recognizing that it is the same and choosing the degree that best suits our needs.”

For example, we can look for the positive side in a bad situation, understand that failures can bring us learning. Is about adjust our vibration.

5- Principle of Rhythm

Everything in this universe has a rhythm, we live in constant change, nothing is static. Thinking that our life is always the same is just an illusion, since we are constantly changing. This law teaches us about attachment, about the impossibility of wanting to retain something, and about the importance of moving to the rhythm of our life, which is not the same as that of others; each one is different.

6- Principle of Cause and Effect

This universal principle or law tells us that every cause has an effect, there is no effect without a cause, and no effect remains without a cause. Everything I do impacts the universe and comes back to me.

It invites us to recognize ourselves as creators of our life. To put it into practice, we must think about what we need to do to have the effect we want. It also teaches us, once again, to take responsibility for our own actions, to take responsibility for it, and to see exactly what we wish to reap.

7- Gender Principle

Absolutely everyone and everything in the universe contains feminine and masculine energy. The feminine energy is more receptive, sacred and protective; masculine energy is assertive, progressive, exploratory.

Each energy has its purpose and function; necessary integrate themin a balanced way, to raise our vibration.

Knowing these principles helps us to begin to understand the universal language, and create a more harmonious and balanced life; It teaches us that external reality is a reflection of our internal reality, and that we have the power to change it.

And you, are you ready to start the inner change?

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