Juan Ramon Lucas | Tribute to the Great Stories of Radio –

Today we are talking about one of the most admired journalists on Spanish radio, Juan Ramón Lucas, and the tribute to the Great Stories of Radio.

Juan Ramón Lucas was born on November 2, 1958, with a extensive professional experience as his work on several television channels and radio stations such as Cadena Ser, Onda Cero and Radio Nacional España. In addition, he has won awards on several occasions for his great work and, on this occasion, he has been honored in «Havana 7. Stories that count».

In the video that we present below you can see a preview of this tribute that will be presented by Javier Gallegofrom the Raw Meat program:

On November 24, at the Rialto Theater in Madrid, the third season of “Havana 7. Stories that tell” in which radio journalists will be honored with the title of Tribute to the Great Stories of Radiosuch as Andrés Aberasturi, Juan Luis Cano (Gomaespuma) and Pepa Fernández.