Joseph of Nazareth –

Many are the writings that speak of the life of the Apostles, the prophets, and even of the virgin marywhere life counts, around the teachings of jesus of nazareth and how it influenced the day to day, of each one of them.

But we must not forget that there was someone in his life who was responsible for raising him, protecting him and loving him as his own son. It was about Joseph of Nazareththe father on earthof Jesus Christ.

Where does Joseph come from, descendant of David

Currently, the Josephology, studies the theological branch, related to Joseph, his life and the legacy he left in the Christian faith.

After a long lineage, the direct family of King David, rested on José’s shoulders. A simple, fair and noble man who was dedicated to carpentry. People say that was born in Bethlehem and it was the Jacob’s son, the third of six siblings. His upbringing made him a devoted and very docile boy.

Even though he wasn’t talked about that much in the books, thanks to his humility, obedience and commitment of which was his wife in life, was studied as one of the most striking figures in the world of Theology, standing out more than anything, for his love as a father.

The union of Joseph of Nazareth with the Virgin Mary

At the age of thirty, he was taken to the temple along with other single men, where they had to find a wife, since at that age, they were more than stable and mature.

When Maria appeared, the priests gave each of the bachelors a branch. The outbreak that came out of any of them, would correspond to the future husband of Maria. In this way, José discovered that he was destined to be the husband of María, seeing that his branch was the only one that flourished.

María, who was only 14 years old when she was given as husband to José, according to the traditions of that time, they still could not live together, so she continued living in her maternal home and received visits from José.

When Maria stayed pregnant with the Son of GodJose panicked. Anguish devoured him when he saw that she was pregnant, without having shared the marriage bed. For a moment he thought that he was unfaithful to her and the only way to fix it was by accusing her of adultery and she would end up stoned, along with the fruit of her womb.

But Jose was a good man, that he loved Maria and that he was just. For this reason, instead of accusing her, he decided to flee from her, so that they would not harm her, but the angel of the Lord appeared to him, notifying him that the son that Mary was carrying in her womb was none other than the son of God. Upon discovering this, Joseph hastened Mary’s coming to her home to care for her during her pregnancy.

Joseph, father of Jesus of Nazareth

When he fled with his wife, Mary, to Bethlehem and little Jesus was born, Joseph became a concerned and devoted father, who always took care of his family. She taught him the carpenter’s trade, she cared for him and treated him educate like a good father would do.

Before his son Jesus, made himself known and began his public life, José died, leaving the legacy of having raised Jesus with so much love, as if it were his own son.

In honor of him and all devoted parents, celebrate father’s day.