Johnny Depp got tattoos 37 times to tell his life story

Actor Johnny Depp says that his tattoos are like his diary. He has been tattooed 37 times to tell his story, something he is happy about, although he has had to erase some.

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He has liked tattooing since he turned 15

His first tattoo was a tribal figure, alluding to the Cherokee tribe. It happens that great-grandmother was part of this indigenous group, being something that he wanted to highlight. Then he was placing more and more images on his skin.

Currently, Jhonny Depp has 37 tattoos on his body. When he worked with Keira Knightley on “Pirates of the Caribbean” he had several made, all of which worked perfectly for his character as Jack Sparrow.

It’s worth remembering that almost all of his roles involve a long-sleeved wardrobe, so his tattoos are rarely seen on screen. In any case, she has some letters and details tattooed on her hands.

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Some details about the actor’s tattoos

Depp himself says that what is tattooed on his skin is like a diary of his life. They allow you to remember certain moments. Every time he experiences something special, he chooses to capture it on his epidermis with a tattoo.

– He loves tattooing names. For example, when her first daughter was born, she did not hesitate to take the name of her descendant: “Lily Rose”.

– The actor’s mother was called Betty Sue and died in 2006. It is another name that has one of her arms tattooed.

– People remember a lot when Winona Ryder’s name was tattooed, since both were a couple and starred in “Edward Scissorhands”.

– When johnny Depp and Winona Ryder finished, the actor modified the tattoo by adding more ink.

– Jhonny Depp usually tattoos references to the characters he plays and they give him success. Such is the case of Captain Jack Sparrow, whom he wanted to honor with an image on his right forearm.

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Between fame and a complicated divorce

His recent separation from Amber Heard has brought him many complications. The actor was accused of violence. This is how he was banned from a large number of films, a strong bump in his reputation and his professional career.

Deep has filed a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife. The trial has been televised and has become one of the most mediatic events of the year 2022. The lives of celebrities are always at the fore!

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Do you like the films of this Jhonny Depp? What is the character of his that you remember the most? He has become famous for playing rare characters, out of the ordinary, something that few can do.